Building a Legacy Group Logo Design Contest

Building a Legacy Group has selected their winning logo design.

For $475 they received 433 designs from 57 different designers from around the world.
Logo Design Brief
United States

What We Do

They are a luxury, new construction real estate team in Nashville, TN. Target audience is buyers of new construction homes in Nashville, sellers, and builders who would potentially work with them.


Real Estate

Color Preferences

Main Colors: Navy Blue:#012341 and this shade of blue: #047aa4 (They like the second blue better but are open to see the navy either on its own or with the other blue)
Complimentary Colors: white and grey

Our Ideas and Additional Information:

They want a more text based logo. Maybe something with initials as the "graphic". So their team is "Building a Legacy Group", so they would want the B and L to be initials. They are also open to seeing a small/simple icon instead of the initials. They are open to seeing some kind of "building being constructed" as part of the logo. But, please try to stay away from super cliche real estate type logos where the door is in the "A" or there is a rooftop over the logo, etc. This is a luxury team, so we want to make sure they have a sophisticated logo. This is their broker's website: (To give you a taste of the kind of work they do). I have also attached the brand guide for their brokerage. Remember, that a brokerage is a company that this real estate team works under (They give a split of their commission to the broker) So, their team logo needs to fit well with the broker logo, but does not have to look exactly the same or use the same fonts, etc. They may at one day go work with another brokerage, so they have to be able to have a logo that does not completely match with the broker logo and could look good with another brokerage logo. Think simple and luxury. They do not have a preference for either serif or sans serif font. We would like to see examples of both.



Style Inspiration

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