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Blue leaf creations has selected their winning logo design.

For $375 they received 238 designs from 48 different designers from around the world.

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ecko logo



Thanks a lot ecko, this is an excellent logo, very distinct and easy to read, also a great emblem thanks for your effort.
My vehicle doors are a light silver and I would like a contrasting background for it, can you darken the background a few shades?
'Creations' is a bit small, the logo would be used as a letter head, many of my customers are quite old and may struggle to read it.
12 years ago
Can you increase the Shadow depth and opacity a bit?
12 years ago
Hello echo, so you have my top spot, i would just like a few adjustments before the end of the comp. I would like a uniform background for #91, the dark grey all over, the shadows can stay just make them pitch black. The blues, especially in the text and the stem would have to a bit brighter just to make them stand out. I would greatly appreciate it if you could do that for me.
12 years ago
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