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Blue Bison (services) has selected their winning logo design.

For $675 they received 353 designs from 49 different designers from around the world.

Logo Design Brief

United States
What We Do
We are a service company that offer the absolute best service to high class homes..we repair plumbing and septic systems. Soon we will offer other services such as Heating and air, painting and more.
Service Industries
Color Preferences
Our primary color is teal. So there cannot be any teal in the logo..the logos shall be Blue, brown and reddish orange..

Hex codes to colors that we like:
the background for our trucks is this teal Hex: #01D4B4
Navy: #000080
Brighter orange: #FF9C00
Brownish orange: Hex: #BF692C
Our Ideas & Additional Information
* Please place bison facing left*

We want to be able to use this logo for easy brand recognition. So after seeing our logo, if someone sees a Bison, we want them to think of us.

We would like to see a bison incorporated in the logo. It is important for it to be an American bison.. not a water buffalo.

We do not like the ribbons illustrated on the style inspiraton. They look like a brand of ice cream we have here. So please no ribbons. What we do like on the style inspiration of sound excursions and bull city is that they look like a big patch.
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The logo will be on the side of our teal colored trucks and all marketing material..bill boards, shirts, yard signs, paper material ect..
1 year ago
Please face bison looking left.
1 year ago
We would like the bison to be the most memorable part of the logo.

Logo needs to be readable when going down the highway at 75 miles per hour.

We like the bison to be standing and not running. We also like more details on the bison over the standard clipart.
1 year ago
We have added a picture of a bison that is not just a straight side shot.. we like the angle of this one and feel you could add great details/color etc.

Thank you!
1 year ago
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