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Logo Design Brief
United States

What We Do

We are Beyond Your Hammock, an independent, fee-only wealth management firm based in Boston, MA but offering services across the US through virtual meetings. We often abbreviate our name to "BYH."

Our flagship service is BYH Wealth Management, which is comprehensive and holistic financial planning and investment management. We help first-generation wealth-builders in their 40s grow and maintain their net worth; we provide clients with the tools to be good stewards of their assets and their opportunities. We aim to guide clients through inspiring conversations about building and managing wealth with a strong focus on their core values.

Our firm name, Beyond Your Hammock, originated from a few sources: "Beyond" is a word that always felt meaningful to Eric. The idea of going beyond the norm and convention; beyond where most everyone else is going; beyond your own limitations -- all of these concepts were (and are) very compelling and motivating, and they show up in the business because we want to go beyond traditional planning, beyond simply getting someone to retirement, beyond having our clients settle for "just okay" when we want to build true financial power for them.

"Your hammock" represents a state of relaxation and ease. So the idea of "beyond your hammock" is that not only do you have the metaphorical (and maybe even literal) hammock -- the safe place you can rest and kick back and enjoy all the hard work you put in -- but you also have everything beyond that. In addition to the comfort and security of knowing your finances are in good place, you also have the ability to fully enjoy life along the way. You can engage and go beyond just retiring away from something; you get to do what you love now AND in the future too, thanks to the financial strategy we create for you.

Our target market is dual-income, married couples living in metropolitan areas. They earn annual incomes between $500k-1M, with complex income structure (a mix of salary, bonus/commission, equity comp). They have around $1 million in investable assets - but do not consider themselves "wealthy," as they likely grew up in middle-class backgrounds. They aren't looking for luxury - but they do have an appreciation of higher-end, high-touch, and personalized services from people who care deeply about them.

They are cautiously optimistic that they can do better financially but hesitant to do it on their own; they’re looking for support and clarity. They appreciate planning and structure; they are eager to have financial planning conversations and they enjoy completing their financial to-do lists.



Color Preferences

We know we want to incorporate blue into the logo - we are open to anything beyond that!

Our Ideas and Additional Information:

We are starting 100% from scratch - we feel we are too close to our brand (and our existing logo, which we have never changed in 9 years of business!) to provide useful ideas here.



Style Inspiration

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