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Antice has selected their winning logo design.

For $275 they received 200 designs from 27 different designers from around the world.

Logo Design Brief

What We Do
We are working on a mobile app where users are earning cash-back points while shopping and the 'ant' represents our users' behavior towards relentlessly collecting and accumulating such points. (We are looking for a cute ant mascot that will be our logo + app icon)
Color Preferences
The color code of the ant mascot should be: #FF4E03
Our Ideas & Additional Information
The logo should be a cute ant. An ant that is simple and friendly. It can be standing on two legs (be creative but simple please). The color code is: #FF4E03. The font used in ui/ux is Museo Sans, we can use this font for Antice in the logo. We are expecting a logo with Antice written next to the ant and an app icon (favicon) with the ant. I have attached a sample logo which was used as a placeholder, you can use it for idea generation but we are looking for something that will feel more professional but let's keep the ant cute and simple. The ant in the placeholder doesn't belong to us, it is for reference purposes only.
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