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Jungle Fruit, Inc.

Jungle Fruit, Inc.

Jungle Fruit, Inc is a newly formed company with a mission to establish exotic tropical fruits as mainstream food items in super markets and other mass distribution outlets across the United States (and possible Europe in the future). Today, exotic tropical fruits have limited distribution (mostly in ethnic retail and specialty markets and shops), are expensive, and in most cases arrive on store shelves in poor condition either picked too early (before full ripening) or have already past its prime ideal shelf life. Jungle Fruit will solve this problem by providing large scale distribution of these unique and attractive tropical food items to mass market retailers, at affordable prices, and with the fruits being perfectly fresh and ripe the day they arrive on the retail shelve. Similar to the pricing, volume, and consumer recognition and acceptance of apples, grapes, bananas, and oranges, Jungle Fruit will achieve main street consumer acceptance and large scale demand for such exotic fruits as; rambutan, mangosteen, passion fruit, star fruit, dragon fruit, and longan, to name a few. Beyond the fresh fruits, Jungle Fruit will also develop lines of organic food items derived from the fresh fruit such as; jams, preserves, freeze dried product, juices, flavorings, and candies to name a few. All of the fresh fruit organic food items will share the Jungle Fruit brand name with sub-brands associated with the specific fruit and/or organic food item, such as Jungle Fruit Freeze Dried Rambutan. Most of the fresh fruit will initially be produced from the jungles of Central America – Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, etc. - with some fruit also originating from Mexico and other Latin markets. Our target consumer market are mainstream U.S. consumers ages 20-50 who have little or no knowledge of these fruits. These consumers are college educated, are very active in their personal and professional lives with many doing sports or outdoor activities, want to be “world players”, and have a sense of adventure. We want the Jungle Fruit brand to convey this sense of adventure and have a bit of “edginess” to the message. The brand/logo, imagery, and possible future tag lines should convey the idea that consuming Jungle Fruit is tantamount to consuming the wonders and adventures of what the jungles of the world can offer: exotic spaces and creatures, cascades and fountains of youth, unknowns and hidden dangers, romance and treasures, feeling alive and conquering fears, etc. The brand/logo must be scalable so that it can be placed on a variety of printed items and electronic media including; letter head and corporate printed items, food boxes, packaging, and labeling, website and social media, premium incentives, and other campaign paraphernalia, etc. Brand mascots and songs (for commercials) could be utilized if the right idea is created. The brand will also be utilized in the local latin markets where the fruit is sourced and where some fresh fruit and organic food items may also be offered in local retail outlets.

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