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To keep it simple, here's a quick bullet list! - One-woman marketing & media show. Digital entrepreneur with 15 years of experience working with small businesses, non-profits, and momtrepreneurs. - Works with small businesses (mostly women-run) to overhaul and run their digital holdings. Long-term and short-term clients depending on the need of the business. - Mentors other Momtrepreneurs and female entrepreneurs to empower them to run their digital marketing and media with confidence to increase their bottom line. - Target audience #1: Small businesses ran by woman age 50-60 with over $500K income per year and businesses near the $1M range/year. This woman is already maxed out with no time for learning new technology for digital marketing and media. - Target audience #2: Individual woman, a mom with 1.5 children who desperately wants to learn how to market her own small business. Annual income between $100K-$150K per year. Spends a lot of time online, but has no idea how to market her services. Tries social media, but is failing at attracting new customers at the rate needed to sustain business. - My brand is aimed at females, but is not overly feminine. The women I work with are business-minded and want to be taken seriously. Overly flowery logos would be a big turnoff. - Chic, clean designs and branding fit my style and my clients. We don't want to be talked down to because we're Moms or Women. We want to be taken seriously while maintaining our femininity while covered with spit-up. - Taglines are NOT necessary, but I wanted to give you, the designer, the option of trying them on the design if you desire. I don't want to ever harm the integrity of your work.

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