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en partners (note: e raised to the power of n)

en partners (note: e raised to the power of n)

The category in which the brand operates: New Business Development and M&A Advisory in the energy sector. e brand is focused on the power of network and unlocking maximum returns, while Partners is through knowledgeable, experienced, trusted professionals with long-term relationships and the right connections. The target audience: Owner, Board, C-suite level and Investment Committee in companies and investors, on buy side or sell-side of transactions, or in projects. The benefit to the customer: We make it happen – creating and structuring opportunities, connecting projects and investors, reaching and engaging key decision makers on all relevant sides, supporting successful and timely deal delivery. We provide peace of mind, in critical transactions or projects, adding credibility via highly knowledgeable, networked and experienced professionals with a thorough understanding of the business environment - giving the best, discrete and dedicated advice. The reason why the brand will deliver on this promise: We are industry veterans with successful track records in the international energy sector, with relevant experience in emerging market environments and the personal connections to identify and deliver on opportunities that others cannot reach. Positioning statement: energy to the power of network - dedicated support from leading energy and M&A professionals that do understand your business needs and key markets; adding material value to your business; helping you to deliver the most on transactions or projects by leveraging their know-how and network into each opportunity; connecting you to the right people and companies; and advising you on negotiations to achieve your objectives and successful outcomes.