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Microbiota Factory

Microbiota Factory

xWhat Microbiota Factory Does: Microbiota Factory's mission is to: - Educate 15% of the Italian and world population, who fight every year against chronic gastro-intestinal disorders, to regain their psycho-physical well-being thanks to the improvement of the Intestinal Microbiota. - These gastro-intestinal disorders, in many people, determine the development of a strong physical and psychological discomfort such as to upset social, work and family life in many situations. - Microbiota Factory aims to develop and learn knowledge, skills and self-confidence that can raise the quality of life of both the individual and the community. - By doing so, the person will be able to fully regain his or her role within society, share moments of leisure again with friends and relatives, but more importantly, he will be able to contribute to the fullest of his potential to improve his life and of the community in which he lives. - Through an E-Learning platform, the user will have access to a series of videos, practical exercises, relaxation techniques and tutorials for cooking delicious dishes, following the model of the Mediterranean diet with the aim of enriching their own Intestinal Microbiota. Who the target Audience is: Entrepreneurs, freelancers, employees between the ages of 20-50, a higher percentage of women, who inexplicably live with chronic gastro-intestinal symptoms such as SWELLING BELLY, CONSTIPATION, DIARREA, FLATULENCE, ABDOMINAL PAIN, TIREDNESS, INSOMNIA. 15% of the Italian and world population suffer from gastro-intestinal problems every year. Despite specialist visits, diagnostic tests, (specific diets), attempts at diversified nutrition and integration paths, their intestinal well-being often does not improve. They are forced to upset their diet, their habits, their social life, to give up dinners with friends and relatives for fear that that particular context triggers gastro intestinal symptoms. PAY ATTENTION! It is MICROBIOTA and not Microbiome. They are two very different concepts. I wanted to be clear in this. I'll talk about Microbiota. Microbiota = The human microbiota is the set of microorganisms that inhabit the human body. It is the set of bacteria, viruses and fungi that live in symbiosis with humans, without damaging each other, taking advantage of each other. In the human intestine there are billions of microorganisms that are essential for the functioning of the organs. Factory = taking a cue from the Factory created by Andy Wharol in New York, I want to make Microbiota Factory the safe place where people, who live with gastro-intestinal problems, can feel free to tell what they are experiencing, find the right people, the right support and the right tools needed to improve their psycho-physical well-being, improve their Intestinal Microbiota and return to society stronger than before. Microbiota Factory must be the place where people feel at home, they feel protected, they feel understood, they feel free to express what they live.

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