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Soul Frame or SoulFrame

Soul Frame or SoulFrame

An online digital program with 12 weeks of 1-1 support using the technology of kundalini yoga, creative sessions using writing and photography as a form of self-inquiry, live and recorded kundalini yoga sessions in a program library. The program including a before and after creative photo session capturing your vitality, transformation and radiance. I originally wanted to call this The Art of Seeing Program, but it was too vague. It's designed to help people cultivate, engage and have fun with shifting perspectives. Kundalini is a practice of internal seeing. Writing is a way to tell one's stories...and then let them go so you can live in the present. And the types of images a person is drawn to or captures says a lot about what is going on in their perspective/heart/mind. This program is for men or women who are interested in inner transformation. Perhaps they are at a crossroads in their life, They're ready to commit to change and want to live a life of joy and vitality and are willing to look at their habits and make changes to step into something new. Age-wise, it doesn't really matter. But I'm 55 and i know a lot of women my age are in the same boat....empty nesters, planning second chapters, and willing to invest $$. The base program will be $3K so the logo needs to be soulful, elegant, spiritually oriented, clean, energetically uplifting, not too stark. I would love to have the color of Frida Kahlo's house in Mexico (you can google's a beautiful blue) used in the logo somehow. Also, because kundalini is all about movement of energy, one thing that could be cool would be a spiraling type of line art. or use of the crown chakra symbol somehow. Also, I'm a photographer and part of the package is to capture a creative portrait of the client at the end of their program, documenting their radiance and commitment to this time. I don't see a wellness or spirituality category on your industry list...I selected service.

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