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Community Mainstreaming

Community Mainstreaming

Community Mainstreaming is a Long Island-based non-profit organization committed to helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities lead meaningful, productive lives within their communities. Since 1974, Community Mainstreaming has helped extraordinary people lead ordinary lives. This means providing the services that help people maximize their potential at home and with their loved ones; to train for and pursue competitive employment; and to enjoy recreational activities and socializing with their peers. Today, Community Mainstreaming provides residential services, including group homes, supported apartments, and a home dedicated to the needs of people who have developed dementia. We offer in-home community habilitation services to those individuals who do not live in a Community Mainstreaming residence; people who are transitioning out of school towards a more independent lifestyle often find this service helpful. Community Mainstreaming also operates Community Connections, a Day Habilitation Program “without walls,” meaning it is completely based in the community, including activities such as volunteering and recreation, focused on developing pre-vocational and social skills. Working Together is Community Mainstreaming’s vocational program for which we are requesting funding. Community Mainstreaming strives to maximize each person’s potential to lead a fulfilling, purposeful life in their community, by offering a full range of work, social and recreational opportunities.