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Hudson Views

Hudson Views

“Hudson Views” has two main purposes: Both purposes are connected with the Hudson River in the Hudson Valley of New York. Both purposes are connected with “Nature.” The first visually. The second physically. A. Hudson River Art: Hudson Views relates to the 19thC Hudson River School of landscape painters. Specifically, Hudson Views is a private gallery with over 100 original paintings on exhibit. Hudson Views buys and sells Hudson River paintings and prints with “Views” of the Hudson River produced between 1825-1890. (See my Facebook page: Hudson River Valley Art & History) B. Tours on the Hudson River: Hudson Views will provide small, unique boat tour experiences on the Hudson River for 2-6 people. Sunset, Sightseeing and History Tours Taking place within a forty-five mile stretch of the Hudson River between Peekskill and Kingston, NY. Tours will be approximately 2 hours on the water with possible stops on land. “Hudson Highlands“ tour will be the area between Newburgh Bay and Peekskill Bay including views of all the mountains, Bear Mountain Bridge, West Point Military Academy and Bannerman’s Island. (Sunset, Sightseeing & History - approximately 20 miles) “Poughkeepsie to Kingston” Tour includes views of Poughkeepsie waterfront, Walkway Over the Hudson, Lighthouse at Esopus Meadows, Lighthouse at Kingston and View of Catskill Mountains. Sunset, Sightseeing & History - approximately 25 miles) The Connection: The 19thC “Nature Painters” known as the first American School of Art - the “Hudson River School,” used the Hudson River to travel to discover the best Views to paint. They sketched in nature all summer and composed their landscape paintings from these studies and sketches in their studios in the Winter. These finished paintings are pleasing to the eye, connecting the viewer to the spirituality found in nature. Taking a tour on the Hudson River today provides the same occurrence that the artists experienced over 150 years ago. The audiences that I am attempting to reach are those that enjoy the beauty of the Nature Painter’s landscape art, and those that want to experience nature while being on the Hudson river. I think the common theme is connected to ”Thinking Green, ” Conservation and experiencing nature.