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Definition: Aegis -the protection, backing, or support of a particular person or organization Aegis Construction is a company passionate about helping our clients to meet their financial, operational and aesthetic goals by providing “Simple Truth and Good Information” in association with their construction projects. Every business has a soul and it takes a holistic team-oriented construction effort to create space that is a true representation of the business, that isn’t wasteful and that works for the company both operationally and financially. A quality project to us = client satisfaction. Where their financial capabilities meet their design vision. It takes a carefully selected team matched with the right scope of work to accomplish this. Success starts with listening, learning and the development of trust. Our clients aren’t just another project but an important part of helping our county to maintain the belief that anything is possible. We live to support those that are courageous enough to go after their dreams and to create an opportunity for others. We take our role as construction managers seriously and are honored to build long-lasting relationships with our clients by helping them to accomplish their project goals. -The construction industry can be fast-paced cutthroat, rigid and litigious. We have developed a culture that has revealed the importance of working together as a team to get the best results. To do this you have to build relationships that are bigger than the project and to see and respect the craftsmanship and expertise of each team member. Earlier this year an organic movement was developed within our company that includes taking pictures of our contractors giving us a “thumbs up” on the project. It has become a surprising element that brings joy to the rigid construction environment and outwardly appreciates them for their craftsmanship in an awkward way….contractors aren’t exactly known for their love of posing for pictures! -Construction Management -We use a more holistic approach to commercial construction that puts the client and the construction company on the same team. -Value engineering epic results Targeting Audience: -Entrepreneurs -Small business owners - Business Leaders -Innovators -Dreamers

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