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Question About Copyright

United States
Can anyone clarify this for me? In the Help section on Copyright Issues, there are the following bullet points:

# Designers own all rights to their contest entries on this site, and can withdraw them at anytime unless they have won and contest and been paid for it.
# Copyright ownership is only transferred to the Contest Holder when the contest has been paid for.

I've noticed a few forum posts about designers withdrawing non-winning entries so they can reuse the designs, which is definitely a good thing to be able to do -- I mean, if we did the work, we should be able to reuse it if it hasn't been selected as a winner. But my question is, why would a designer need to withdraw? I mean, even if a designer wins second place, that design still belongs to the designer -- they haven't been paid, and the company didn't choose their design. So why withdraw? I can understand not wanting non-winning entries out there as a preference, but legally speaking, there's no reason you can't reuse a concept or a vector you created even if you got second place, right?
11 years ago
I think they withdraw them so the idea isn't copied by another designer in another competition, which would make the vector taken. I don't think they'd do it for legal reasons coz technically it is their work if it didn't come first. Just a thought. :o)
11 years ago