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What is considered a violation of the client code of conduct?

United States
And how is this enforced?
Just wondering.
Thanks for any answers that shed light on this issue!
11 years ago
Teh client code of conduct is located in teh help section. However it is limited and does nto address such issue as . can a client ask for design elements from one designer entry to another designers or share these requests through .
However there are exception

fonts are not off limit nor are colours. we as designer cannot copyright existing typeface...however if you as a designer combines 2 letters to make a unique element then no the client cannot ask another designer to copy that idea.

There are a t least 6 basic client to designer code of conduct issues that need to be addressed..Ultimately there should be a 3rd Code of Conduct.

"Client Designer Code of Conduct

Tyler this is an important issue

11 years ago
bonne idee. I'm sure y'all are based all over the place, but the little cdn flags make me happy :)
Has anyone checked out the RDG/ON publication "The Business of Graphic Design / A Professional's Handbook"? I have no idea what version they are on now - but there are definitely a lot of guidelines, expectations and such in there.
11 years ago