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How to get a contest running?


I am a first time user at logotournament and liked the concept, however, is there anything we have done wrong, placed too many information down at our Tirol KOI Steiner Contest, or is it the KOI character that makes it hard that people place Logos down?

I did see in FAQ that the last days most is happening, but when I compare our contest with others, it's like we only have 12 entries from 4 different people, while others have 60 by lots more different people.

Any help is appreciated.

11 years ago
United States
It seems you have quite a few more entries since this post. That's wonderful! I will try and enter as well.
11 years ago
Also, you can extend the contest if you felt that there are good entries coming towards the end of it and you want to use that extension for doing some revisions to those you liked.
11 years ago