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what is a good logo?

Before and After Magazine is quite good...I didn't get the magazine but I got the books tho....
"Graphics for business" is quite good for beginners...they got a section for "logo and identity"
Quote: "A successful logo can't be just creative or clever. Because a logo ends up being an important guest at many occasions, it absolutely must perform and behave well no matter what. It is a tricky balancing act, but one that you can achieve. All you have to do is consider what makes a logo effective."

what is a good logo?
1. simple
2. bold
3. Works well in all sizes
4. appropriate for the business
5. distinctive.

*Avoid trendy typefaces - Corporate ID shld still be suitable for years
*Avoid Extremely Tall or wide logos - odd shapes are hard to fit in.
*Logo and name - look for ways to integrate the two.

Their webiste:
11 years ago
Equally powerful in BW.
11 years ago