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Files in zip file won't unzip and are corrupted so I can't approve

Can you please help. I've sent an urgent support query but have not had a response.
I have selected the logo I want and have downloaded the zip file as per instructions but files in the zip file won't unzip. I'm using Winzip Mac and have never had problems before. When I look at the contents of the zip file, I can see there are 4 files (1 .eps and 3 .jpg by the file name extension) but the info in the file 'kind' column says they are all "alias" files where it would normally say they are JPEG, etc. None will download so I am unable to review them and unable to approve the payment to the designer.
I have been in touch with the designer and he/she has reloaded the images 3 times but the problem persists.
Can someone please assist asap. I am keen to get access to my logo
PS - Just realised this is probably better posted on a different forum so will raise it there
4 years ago

If you have selected the winner..then by now you should have his/her email address in the copyright file provided by LT. You can ask the designer to send you the files directly through email by attaching them separately and not in zip format. I hope this will solve the issue.

4 years ago