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Theo Fleury has selected their winning logo design.

For $475 they received 150 designs from 27 different designers from around the world.

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intrepidguppy commented on #98

Some options to consider.

I used a "raw" script to speak to the rawness of life experience that need to be addressed when motivating people to move beyond. I think this looks nice without the circle around everything too. ie. openness etc.
2 years ago

intrepidguppy commented on #36

Thanks. Awaiting any further instructions.
2 years ago

Fleury14 commented on #36

It’s a contender
2 years ago

intrepidguppy commented on #36

A nice easily brandable logo that could be put on an award, print, merchandise etc. Again - balance of strong and light font, with rounded edge for the softness.

Could be utilised with or without the text.
2 years ago

intrepidguppy commented on #24

Hi Theo,

Do you mean the ".com"? My understanding this is for your actual brand? ie.

If I may offer my opinion, I think that your brand is best suited to your name. I see your name as very powerful and using it as .com will simply dilute it. The site can be refeenced when you have print colateral below the logo as a separate line etc.

Maybe I'm misundertanding the purpose of the website name?

2 years ago

Fleury14 commented on #24

Need the website in there somewhere. Love the old signature.
2 years ago

intrepidguppy commented on #24

Went for the lower case lettering.

It feels more "subtle power" along with the charcoal grey.

Also, used the thickened version of your sig and added a litter moving forward fleurish on it. It could be extended under text to the "y".

The text - all letter corners are slightly rounded for a slight softness, but thick enough to convey authority and strength.

Looking forward to any feedback.
2 years ago