The Grove at Steiner Ranch Logo Design Contest

The Grove at Steiner Ranch has selected their winning logo design.

For $375 they received 168 designs from 30 different designers from around the world.

Designs by TheSurfer

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United States

We are hosting a logo contest called Travisso and I wanted to invite you to participate. We liked your design for The Grove at Steiner Ranch and are looking for a logo style similar to what you submitted in that contest. Particularly, we like the simple, elegant and understated design you submitted. I looked through your portfolio and think a design inspired by the abstract designs, curves and line work of S Capital, Indiana Health Group and Family Medicine Solutions, in an earth or neutral tone, would be appropriate for our contest. If you feel inspired to submit a design, we would welcome your ideas.

Thank you.
5 years ago
thanks a lots, am very proud that you like my style, of course I will participate in your contest. I will do my best to win this one

Once again thanks a lot

5 years ago