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Quantum Solutions for Properties has selected their winning logo design.

For $250 they received 58 designs from 6 different designers from around the world.


Prefers others.
Prefers others.


I rated your entry qith the quantum inside the Q ahead of the other one. I think I want to stay away from the .com and the artwork on the second entry appears too busy. I'm looking for something cleaner and easily recognizable. Also, I'll forgive you, but my web address is QS4P.com. I'll take that as a rush to get in and will not hold against you. I'm looking for something like the top 2 designs at this point. Also since the industry is trrending towards green certification I am thinking about green colored tones in the logo. Maybe you can do something with the QS4 interlocked and 3D with the small atom??
15 years ago
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