How to Get Paid

All prizes are pre-paid through Paypal -  no other payment methods are used. Designers must have access to a valid Paypal account in good standing to receive funds. Please choose one Paypal address to receive funds.

Please upload the final files, then wait for the Client to approve them through our system. This is a good time to follow up with the client to see if you can offer any revisions. Once the Client approves the files, you will receive the payment depending on your history with LogoTournament. 

7 Days From End of Contest

A Client has 7 days from the time you upload to approve the files. If the Client delays past 7 days, you may contact Support to approve the files.

Your Payments Area

When a Client approves your funds, you can go to your account area and click the 'Payments' link to see your funds that are available.

If your 'Payments' area does not show funds available, please click the 'Won' link in your Designer panel. The site may show a message that explains when your funds will be released. If no message is displayed, please contact Support using the link provided; some accounts may have a manual admin payment hold.

Your payment release time may be set for after admin goes offline, so some payments may not be approved until the next business day. Held payments may not be released on weekends.

Payment Holds

For security purposes designers with 0-5 wins will have their payment held for two weeks, designers with 6-10 wins will have their payment held for 1 week, and designers with 11 or more wins will be paid according to the normal way. 

We look at pending payments daily and approve as required. Presently, Support is working on a business day starting Canada EST (GMT - 4:00). Therefore, we are often up to a full day behind many Designers. We ask you please avoid sending multiple emails to Support requesting payment. If your payment approval date falls on a weekend, we will approve the funds on Monday.