What is LogoTournament and how does it work?

What is LogoTournament?
We are an online community where businesses can go to receive the logo they really want by hosting a logo design contest. This provides many more ideas and variety than a traditional design firm.

How does it work?

1 - Starting the Contest

Contest holders fill out our logo brief and prepay the prize through their Visa, Mastercard, or Paypal account. The contest will go live instantly once payment has been completed. The logo brief should be completed as thoroughly as possible for optimal results.

2 - Entries & Feedback

Your contest will run over a 6 day period, and will consist of three phases:

Open Phase (4 Days)
This is the initial "audition" part of the contest where all designers will be able to submit their logos. Designers need time to develop their initial ideas, so most of the entries won't start showing up until the last day or hours of this phase.

Top 5 Designer Phase (2 days)
In this phase the field is narrowed to allow to work your five favorite designers, which can be changed at anytime. Limiting submissions to the top 5 designers ensures more personalized attention and dedicated service. A designer is much more likely to go the distance with you if they are only competing with four others, instead of dozens and dozens.

Contest Holder participation is key to a successful contest. Throughout both phases Contest Holders will rank the concepts on the ranking page, and leave feedback or comments on the entries themselves. Daily ranking & feedback greatly improves the results of the contest, and can do much more than a prize increase ever would.

Judging Phase (7 days)
Once the contest has ended the Contest Holder will have 7 days to select the winning designer in the Judging Phase. In this phase the #1 ranked designer can submit revisions to finalize the logo.

3 - Winner Selection

Selecting a Winner
Once the contest holder is happy with their final logo, they will select a winner which will be done from the ranking or contest page. The winning designer will be notified by email, and will upload the final files within 48 hours.

File Download & Approval
The Contest Holder will then download the files and approve them. Once the final files have been approved by clicking the the link, the designer will be sent their prize. At that time, a printable contract will be generated transferring the rights of the design to the contest holder.