Sometimes, despite all the work designers do, a refund will occur. How do refunds work?

Full Refunds

Full refunds are provided to Clients if their contest does not get 30 unique designs. This can mean a contest may have 60 or more designs. Site Admin staff may use a certain amount of discretion to determine if the 30 unique design limit has been reached.

Some things that will determine uniqueness of the submissions:

  • Designer submissions sufficiently follow the brief (ie. they are not simply a thoughtless design flood in hopes to get chosen)
  • Designer submissions are of sufficient quality; some newer, untested designers may submit poorly-made entries; such designs may be excluded from the total
  • Revision submissions are requested or the request is implied by Client comments; however certain things like simple color changes may not be counted in the total

Partial Refund with a Participation Payment

Partial refunds result in a refund of the prize with a $75 USD Participation Payment being paid to the Designer that is most preferred by the Client. This payment is made directly to the Designer and LogoTournament does not profit in any way from it. Usually the payment goes to the current #1 ranked Designer but the Client may direct Admin to pay another Designer. Admin will update the contest and explain who got the payment.

LogoTournament strives to be fair both to Client and Designers in this regard. Sometimes Admin will advocate in behalf of Designers to help Clients see the value they received despite not choosing a logo. Most Clients understand and see the benefits of this arrangement.

Admin will update the contest when a refund occurs with a brief explanation.