Not Getting Paid?

There are a few reasons why you might experience delays to get paid:

  • The client has not yet clicked the Approval button - if you are unsure, please contact Support. The Client has 7 days to do that after the winner is chosen. Do not contact Support before 7 days.

  • Check your address information as registered with Paypal. Payment can only be sent to regions / countries that are on Paypal's list of accepted areas. 

  • The contest has an "Administrator Hold". There will be a message if that is true - contact Support

  • Your account has a special "Hold Payment" flag. If your payment is not showing, contact Support

  • You have not downloaded your payment from the Payments Tab in your account.

  • You are a newer Designers and are subject to the payment delay for new Designers.

  • You are banned and cannot access your account.

If you are unsure, please inquire at Support. Please always provide a link to the contest you are asking about.