Diamond Designer Experiment

We are currently experimenting with Diamond contests which have the largest prize available and are only available to hand-picked "Diamond" designers.

We are promoting these to clients as a higher priced contest with a smaller amount of entries, but with an emphasis on high quality and well thought out designs. 

Diamond designers are currently selected currently based on:
  • A portfolio with a unique and curated Top selections
  • A portfolio that in general avoids generics and cliches
  • Making the Staff Picks
  • Professional communication, and the ability to handle a rude client with grace

"I hate the fact that I wasn't picked"

The current staff preferred Design aesthetic might not match up with your style, and that's ok.  This affects a handful of contests per week, and so far is showing to increase the average prizes of non-Diamond contests.

This is an experiment

The Diamond contests are an experiment, and the selection process, or the process itself is entirely likely to change.