What Are Your Habits?

We understand not all designers here start from professional background and so are not always well-educated regarding copyright and respect for intellectual property.

We know some designers maybe used clip art or stock art and do not know it is ethically wrong (or illegal) to use such images for making art to sell.

This article helps you know in 100% clear language:

  • You are responsible for your designs to be original.
  • If you used unacceptable imagery in your designs before coming to the site, YOU are responsible to remove such designs from your folders or start a new section only for LogoTournament designs. If you use such imagery, your account may be denied immediately or you will be assigned appropriate Violations Points that will proceed to eventual expulsion from the site.
  • If you persist to use unacceptable imagery in your designs or copy others, you will be banned.
  • Our design community is excellent at finding suspicious design. If you try to evade our rules, you will eventually be caught and banned.
  • Do not communicate with clients by email during the contest. Use only the site feedback method and private messages. You may use email only after the contest is closed.

If you are a good designer and a good person, we prefer to keep you and so hope you will change any previous bad habits and become a worthy opponent in the contest community.