Logo Court – How to Make a Good Case

Before you start, please read the FAQ "Protecting Your Designs."

Many designers lose cases because they incorrectly explain their concern.

In order to get the best result and help the community or Admin make the best judgement, please consider the following points when making a Logo Court:

  • Is the design truly similar?
  • What exactly is too similar? Explain in clear language.
  • Are you defending a concept / idea?
  • Are you defending a method of design?
  • Are you defending both? (there is a distinct difference between "concept" and "design").
  • Are you defending font(s)? Common fonts for certain kinds of companies are not protected unless there is editing of the fonts in some unique manner.
  • Were you ranked high or #1 and feel the designer copied your design (follow the leader)? Was there a significant change in the direction of the offending designer?
  • Are you defending layout? Common layouts are rarely supported as unique.
  • Are you defending color? Colors are rarely supported as unique.
  • Have you reviewed the brief to ensure no comments from the brief indicate a client's preference?
  • Is your own concept or design "obvious"? Have you used a search engine to type key words along with "logo" to see if common logos are displayed? If they are displayed, then your concept or design idea may not be supported.

Fellow designers will want to know your clear answers to these questions in order to make the best decision.