Reasons for Being Banned

A Designer becomes a candidate for a ban if their Violation Points (VPs) exceed 150 points. Designer's actions may also result in being banned.  The facts of each individual case are carefully reviewed before we make a ban decision. 

Designers may receive VPs or be banned for (but not excluded to) the following reasons:

  • disrespecting Clients or fellow Designers in an unacceptable manner
  • submitting designs that are too similar to other Designers (eg. copying lead Designers in a contest)
  • using clipart or internet imagery not owned by you (free or not free)
  • using copyrighted stock art (this includes assembling designs from multiple sources into one design)
  • copying an existing logo from LogoTournament, other existing company, or any other sources on the internet
  • abusive behavior
  • creating multiple accounts
  • making special deals with clients that bend or break the Rules or contradict Logo Court results
  • promising to provide free files or work to clients to win a contest

Note: If you are banned and later somehow win a contest, we will evaluate the winning logo against your violations and reason(s) for being banned. We may warn the client of possible issues related to using your winning design. If the client wishes to proceed, we will request EPS and JPG files from you and upload in your behalf and ensure you are paid according to policy.