When a Client Wants to Combine Designs or Choose Non-Winning Designs

When a Client Wants Non-Winning Designs

If the Client likes more than one design by different Designers and wishes to buy the extras separately, he/she will need to choose the winner as usual but contact the other Designer(s) via private message and work out a deal for the cost of purchasing the other designs. The payment method and amount is arranged between you and the Client.

Those designs may be arranged to be sent privately via email and payment submitted as agreed by you and the Client.

When A Client Wants to Combine Unique Elements

If the Client wants two designs from the contest combined into one logo, he/she will need to contact each Designer and ask if Designers are willing to accept an arrangement to do that. If they are willing, those Designers are responsible apart from LogoTournament.com to agree on an acceptable split and inform you of their agreement accordingly. In such cases, most Clients choose to increase the prize to adjust for the split. One Designer will be responsible for combining the elements into one design before the contest ends. Thereafter, the Designers involved will arrange private payment between them. LogoTournament.com does not get involved with payment arrangements outside normal site policies.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Support.