Probation Accounts – Submitting Designs and Limitations

All Designers invited to start accounts on will be subject to a period of time when they will be able to submit designs with some restrictions. Next, accounts will be evaluated by Admin and denied or approved.

Designers' private panel areas contain instructions and limitations. Designs submitted are tallied and included as a factor in approval of an account. Withdrawn designs do not count toward your 10 designs required for the evaluation of your account.

Submitting Designs

Probation accounts are limited to submitting to certain kinds of contests. Contests are available in the following priority.

1) Rescues
2) Regular Open Contests

Sometimes client's contest do not go perfectly, or lack submissions. If that happens the contest will go on our "Rescue" list. We call on probation accounts to show their commitment by helping these clients first. Therefore, you may get an email saying one kind of open contest is available but then are redirected to a "Rescue". Please focus on such contests as your priority and provide quality submissions. They will be used to evaluate your account when it becomes due for review.


Any Designer on probation will have automatic delays set on their payment for security purposes.

Designers may have their accounts revoked for any reason at any time (usually for violating site rules). Therefore we urge you to ensure you read all FAQs in the Help section and understand them clearly.