Client Artwork for Reference

Sometimes clients will provide you with references. The information below helps you understand how you may use such imagery.

Reference They Own: This means pictures or other reference work that is 100% client property or the contest holder's client. Examples: photos, drawings, artwork. Designers may use such imagery in their logo design as a derivative work.

If you use imagery copyrighted by the client, you may not use that logo in future contests.

Reference They Do Not Own:  This means pictures or other reference work supplied by the client that may not be used for creating a logo. The reference is for inspiration only. Images from the internet may not be traced. Existing logos that are copyrighted or trademarked may never be inserted unless the client clearly states in the brief that permission is given. 

Example: Car dealer logos using manufacturer logos, charity events using a sponsor logo or sports teams using another team's logo may not be used. 

Stockart may never be incorporated into logos

Such imagery has strict usage rights as defined in the EULA for the image. 

Copyrighted Logos 

Copyrighted logos are often provided as part of the contest process. For example, a client may want to make a special logo as part of a sponsored event by a well-known local or international company. 

Using such logos along with the contest submissions cannot be used on to create a new design, however the logo can be provided as a reference to make a placeholder.

Why? Established brands want to keep brand recognition and purity, therefore they almost always have a strict usage guideline in the manner of a PDF or other documentation. Such a document will outline to designers and event coordinators acceptable and unacceptable uses for the branded logo. Such uses might include where the logo can and cannot be placed when used with a secondary event logo, and color palette considerations. 

Therefore, we recommend designers only use a stripped version of the logo (perhaps the outline only) for placement purposes only or simply put in another shape to identify where the company logo will be relative to the sponsor(s') logo(s). This is because they are selling their design, not their design and the branded company logo.

The actual logo could be inserted after the contest.

Any designs that are found to include (or suspected to include) limited-rights images or copyrighted logos will be flagged and removed by Admin staff.

Note: If the client is asking you to use stock art or images not owned 100% by the client (or you suspect the image is a problem), please inform Admin. You may also post a comment requesting clarification.