Protecting Your Designs

Both you and other Designers can reasonably protect your work on

You can use the Logo Court function to do that if you feel your designs are being copied.

Before you contact another Designer to request removal or use the Logo Court function, please consider the following carefully.

  • Is the original brief mentioning your concept or imply it as obvious?
  • Were the submissions produced during the Blind phase without obvious guidance from the contest holder?
  • Are few logo styles requested making it obvious to do a certain basic concept or design method?
  • Is recent new PUBLIC feedback or brief edits originating first from the client allowing all Designers to use a concept or design method?
  • Is recent PRIVATE feedback originating first from the client in your private comment area asking you to do a specific concept or design method?

If any or all of the above are true, you may NOT ask another Designer to remove a submission. You can use the private Resolutions forum to express your thoughts and get opinions from the community.

Please review the FAQ regarding the Violation Point system on the site.

We know it is your determination to diligently comply with the rules of the site and avoid major issues during your time with; we thank you in advance for your professional behavior.