The Rules

The rules are referred to as the Designer Code of Conduct. Please click the link to show the rules of the site. If you do not understand exactly what a specific rule means, ask the community in the Designer Forum or email support. 

People who don't read the rules suffer the consequences outlined in the terms and are a time drain for everyone who uses the site.

We prefer that Designers who sign up stay with the the site for a long time. Following the rules will help you stay with us indefinitely.

Here are the basic rules:

Never copy other Designer's artwork or ideas.

Never use Clip Art, Stock Art or any internet images that do not belong to you.

Never try to copy a design but change it a small amount to make it different. 

If a Client asks you to copy another Designer's idea and that idea is not in the brief or comments before, do not submit.

For more details see the other FAQs in the Designer help area.