New Designer Accounts – Wait List

You can make a new account by clicking the Sign-Up link. You will be placed on a wait list and must wait until your time to apply to the site arrives. You will be sent an email at that time - please do not expect immediate gratification. Before you are approved for a probation account you will not be able to submit designs, or access many features of a full account. 

Being reviewed may require waiting many months.

Why the wait list? does not want large masses of Designers waiting to be approved or make an excessive drain on admin and community time. We also want to be sure you are the right fit for the site. Designers who care about being here don't mind the wait. The wait list allows a slower progression of account approvals.

Old accounts will not be reinstated for security security reasons.

Please do not email Support asking when you will be confirmed.

Please fully examine the FAQs to help your integration into the site go smoothly and avoid problems.

Read the FAQs before emailing Support.