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You can make a new account by clicking the Sign-Up link. You will be placed on a wait list and must wait until your time to apply to the site arrives. You will be sent an email at that time - please do not expect immediate gratification. Before you are approved for a probation account you will not be able to submit designs, or access many features of a full account. Being reviewed may require waiting many months.Why the wait list? does not want large masses of Designers waiting to be approved or make an excessive drain on admin and community time. We also want to be sure you are the right fit for the site. Designers who care about being here don't mind the wait. The wait list allows a slower progression of account approvals.Old accounts will not be reinstated for security security reasons.Please do not email Support asking when you will be confirmed.Please fully examine the FAQs to help your integration into the site go smoothly and avoid problems.Read the FAQs before emailing Support.
All Designers invited to start accounts on will be subject to a period of time when they will be able to submit designs with some restrictions. Next, accounts will be evaluated by Admin and denied or approved.Designers' private panel areas contain instructions and limitations. Designs submitted are tallied and included as a factor in approval of an account. Withdrawn designs do not count toward your 10 designs required for the evaluation of your account.Submitting DesignsProbation accounts are limited to submitting to certain kinds of contests. Contests are available in the following priority.1) Rescues2) Regular Open ContestsSometimes client's contest do not go perfectly, or lack submissions. If that happens the contest will go on our "Rescue" list. We call on probation accounts to show their commitment by helping these clients first. Therefore, you may get an email saying one kind of open contest is available but then are redirected to a "Rescue". Please focus on such contests as your priority and provide quality submissions. They will be used to evaluate your account when it becomes due for review.LimitationsAny Designer on probation will have automatic delays set on their payment for security purposes.Designers may have their accounts revoked for any reason at any time (usually for violating site rules). Therefore we urge you to ensure you read all FAQs in the Help section and understand them clearly.
Probation account entries are all logged. Before contacting Support, wait 24 hours. The site refreshes and will update your entry history.If there is a problem with your total entries when your probation term ends, we can extend the probation term. Please simply let us know the situation and we can help.
Current, only Paypal is used. No other methods are provided. Please verify your country can accept Paypal payments before signing up for an account.
What is LogoTournament?We are an online community where businesses can go to receive the logo they really want by hosting a logo design contest. This provides many more ideas and variety than a traditional design firm.How does it work?1 - Starting the ContestContest holders fill out our logo brief and prepay the prize through their Visa, Mastercard, or Paypal account. The contest will go live instantly once payment has been completed. The logo brief should be completed as thoroughly as possible for optimal results.2 - Entries & FeedbackYour contest will run over a 6 day period, and will consist of three phases:Open Phase (4 Days)This is the initial "audition" part of the contest where all designers will be able to submit their logos. Designers need time to develop their initial ideas, so most of the entries won't start showing up until the last day or hours of this phase.Top 5 Designer Phase (2 days)In this phase the field is narrowed to allow to work your five favorite designers, which can be changed at anytime. Limiting submissions to the top 5 designers ensures more personalized attention and dedicated service. A designer is much more likely to go the distance with you if they are only competing with four others, instead of dozens and dozens.Contest Holder participation is key to a successful contest. Throughout both phases Contest Holders will rank the concepts on the ranking page, and leave feedback or comments on the entries themselves. Daily ranking & feedback greatly improves the results of the contest, and can do much more than a prize increase ever would.Judging Phase (7 days)Once the contest has ended the Contest Holder will have 7 days to select the winning designer in the Judging Phase. In this phase the #1 ranked designer can submit revisions to finalize the logo.3 - Winner SelectionSelecting a WinnerOnce the contest holder is happy with their final logo, they will select a winner which will be done from the ranking or contest page. The winning designer will be notified by email, and will upload the final files within 48 hours.File Download & ApprovalThe Contest Holder will then download the files and approve them. Once the final files have been approved by clicking the the link, the designer will be sent their prize. At that time, a printable contract will be generated transferring the rights of the design to the contest holder.

Essential Reading for Designers

Yes, read all of them. Read the client ones also. Doing so will help you get the full scope of the site. Some FAQs have extra information that will be helpful to you.After you read the Designer FAQ, read the Client FAQ.
We understand not all designers here start from professional background and so are not always well-educated regarding copyright and respect for intellectual property. We know some designers maybe used clip art or stock art and do not know it is ethically wrong (or illegal) to use such images for making art to sell. This article helps you know in 100% clear language: You are responsible for your designs to be original. If you used unacceptable imagery in your designs before coming to the site, YOU are responsible to remove such designs from your folders or start a new section only for LogoTournament designs. If you use such imagery, your account may be denied immediately or you will be assigned appropriate Violations Points that will proceed to eventual expulsion from the site. If you persist to use unacceptable imagery in your designs or copy others, you will be banned. Our design community is excellent at finding suspicious design. If you try to evade our rules, you will eventually be caught and banned. Do not communicate with clients by email during the contest. Use only the site feedback method and private messages. You may use email only after the contest is closed. If you are a good designer and a good person, we prefer to keep you and so hope you will change any previous bad habits and become a worthy opponent in the contest community.
The rules are referred to as the Designer Code of Conduct. Please click the link to show the rules of the site. If you do not understand exactly what a specific rule means, ask the community in the Designer Forum or email support. People who don't read the rules suffer the consequences outlined in the terms and are a time drain for everyone who uses the site.We prefer that Designers who sign up stay with the the site for a long time. Following the rules will help you stay with us indefinitely.Here are the basic rules:Never copy other Designer's artwork or ideas.Never use Clip Art, Stock Art or any internet images that do not belong to you.Never try to copy a design but change it a small amount to make it different. If a Client asks you to copy another Designer's idea and that idea is not in the brief or comments before, do not submit.For more details see the other FAQs in the Designer help area.Please see:
Question: Is it acceptable to use clip art or stock art in my logo submissions?Answer: No – Never. Question: What if the Client paid a fee to "own" them?Answer: Read the stock art site's EULA. Most do not allow use of such images in a trademark or logo. Always check the EULA. Contact Admin at Support for help to find out the truth. If there is a rare exception, Admin will make a public announcement.Reasons: 1) You do not have 100% ownership of the images. 2) In many countries it would be illegal for you to use the images. 3) You can cause the client much legal trouble and financial loss by doing this unethical practice. 4) Doing so will result in your account being terminated.  5) It is unethical and unfair in a competition environment.Question: Is it acceptable to use FREE clip art or stock art in my logo submissions?Answer: No – Never. Reasons: 1) It is unethical and unfair in a competition environment. 2) The rules say you can't. 3) Doing so will result in your account being terminated. Question: Is it acceptable to use "public domain" images available on the internet or elsewhere in my logo submissions?Answer: No – Never. This is mainly due to the fact that other designers may use such works in another logo in the future and the client's brand power would be diluted.Reasons: 1) It's not yours. 2) Other designers may have used the same image to make a existing design and you could cause legal issues for the client.Question: Is it acceptable to use reference images of artwork or sculpture to make derivative works in my logo submissions?Answer: Maybe – you need to confirm with the client that the image is 100% their possession. For example, it is not a print of an original work, but an actual original work which they own 100%. Or the sculpture has no rights retained by the original artist. Reasons: Some artists will retain visual reproduction rights for some artworks. We leave it to the client to do their homework but not all think about this during their research for their logo.Question: Can I used images provided by the client?Answer: Maybe. If the client says they own the image, you may use the image in your logo submissions without worry. The client has accepted responsibility. But if the image looks suspicious, clarify with the client whether the image is from a stock art site or similar source. Some clients misunderstand stock art ownership rules. The client may mistakenly provide you with images that are copyrighted by other companies that have strict usage guides. If you suspect this, you should clarify that with the client and or contact Support.If the client says the image is for "reference only" then you may use the image for inspiration only. You may not trace it, or derive any portion, to create a logo.Reasons: Images the client provides may be subject to copyright and therefore illegal to use. 
Sometimes clients will provide you with references. The information below helps you understand how you may use such imagery.Reference They Own: This means pictures or other reference work that is 100% client property or the contest holder's client. Examples: photos, drawings, artwork. Designers may use such imagery in their logo design as a derivative work.If you use imagery copyrighted by the client, you may not use that logo in future contests.Reference They Do Not Own:  This means pictures or other reference work supplied by the client that may not be used for creating a logo. The reference is for inspiration only. Images from the internet may not be traced. Existing logos that are copyrighted or trademarked may never be inserted unless the client clearly states in the brief that permission is given. Example: Car dealer logos using manufacturer logos, charity events using a sponsor logo or sports teams using another team's logo may not be used. Stockart may never be incorporated into logos. Such imagery has strict usage rights as defined in the EULA for the image. Copyrighted Logos Copyrighted logos are often provided as part of the contest process. For example, a client may want to make a special logo as part of a sponsored event by a well-known local or international company. Using such logos along with the contest submissions cannot be used on to create a new design, however the logo can be provided as a reference to make a placeholder.Why? Established brands want to keep brand recognition and purity, therefore they almost always have a strict usage guideline in the manner of a PDF or other documentation. Such a document will outline to designers and event coordinators acceptable and unacceptable uses for the branded logo. Such uses might include where the logo can and cannot be placed when used with a secondary event logo, and color palette considerations. Therefore, we recommend designers only use a stripped version of the logo (perhaps the outline only) for placement purposes only or simply put in another shape to identify where the company logo will be relative to the sponsor(s') logo(s). This is because they are selling their design, not their design and the branded company logo.The actual logo could be inserted after the contest.Any designs that are found to include (or suspected to include) limited-rights images or copyrighted logos will be flagged and removed by Admin staff.Note: If the client is asking you to use stock art or images not owned 100% by the client (or you suspect the image is a problem), please inform Admin. You may also post a comment requesting clarification.
One online dictionary says to "copy" means: "an imitation, reproduction, or transcript of an original."Another definition is: "to follow as a pattern or model; imitate."One online thesaurus shows this word being related to the word "copy": "similarity (or similar)"Copying can mean intentional or mistaken imitation of fellow Designers or any source from the internet or other sources which you do not have restriction-free rights to use.For LogoTournament, designs submitted in the Blind Open phase are not subject to copying rules unless there is clearly obvious pattern of copying another Designer's entries._____What if the Client asks me to copy?If you make a design or make a concept and another designer shows you clearly that you copied their design (or the design of another legal entity), you are obligated to remove the design. You must remove regardless of whether you knew of the previous design or not. You must respect your fellow designer. If you are concerned, you can make a forum post in the Resolutions forum or contact Support.If the client says it was their idea, you should contact the other designer by private message first.What about Layout?One way to help you evaluate if your design might be 'not significantly different' would be if you reduced your colors to black and white and compared the other logos. If it looks similar, don't submit.See: about Fonts? Fonts affect the appearance of the design and are often very important. This includes which fonts you use and how you edit them or design around them. Some fonts are commonly used for certain kinds of businesses and such fonts (if not purposely edited for effect) might not be protected. Sometimes, editing them in certain ways is also common. You must consider the brief and what might be considered "obvious" before entering your design. In Wordmark and Letterform contests, more emphasis is placed on protecting choice of fonts and editing in a unique manner. See: about Color?Color is rarely protected but we encourage healthy respect nonetheless. Most businesses request colors or there are common color palettes related to their region, or business type. In rare cases color may be protected as decided by the community. In such cases Designers are encouraged to work together to form a solution.____A Designer may receive violations points (VPs) for designs that are too similar to others. If a Designer habitually becomes involved in 'Too Similar' Logo Courts, the Designer's account may be subject to a ban or temporary disable to help impress the need to show improved respect for fellow Designers. If you are unsure, you can start a forum thread in the Designer Discussion or email Support.Please review other topics related to Design, Concept and Layout.
Submitting designs with a font that is not intended for commercial use is illegal and unethical and you should not do it.If you purchased a design program such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw, you will have received rights to use the  fonts combined with the product package. Such packages may include dozens of good-quality and popular fonts.You may be aware that not all fonts are free and all are copyrighted. If a client posts a link to a copyrighted payware font they like, you must purchase that font if you wish to submit designs. You may use the following fonts:Payware: You can use them if you have purchased rights of use for money or as part of a package in a design program. You can use this kind of font in harmony with the terms of the user agreement included with the file. Be careful that purchased products allow you to use the fonts for commercial purposes.Free For Personal Use: You can use this kind of font if it is possible to pay for the rights, you pay for the rights, and the rights include commercial use. Some fonts in this category may be personal projects by a designer and include previously copyrighted images or ligatures.  You can use this kind of font in harmony with the terms of the user agreement included with the file. Be careful that purchased products allow you to use the fonts for commercial purposes.Donationware:  You can use this kind of font in harmony with the terms of the user agreement included with the file. Be careful that purchased products or ones that you have sent a donation for allow you to use the fonts for commercial purposes.Freeware: You can use this kind of font if the terms of the user agreement state clearly it is free to use for commercial purposes. You should be careful to check the quality of the fonts by reducing them to shapes and checking nodes. Some freeware fonts are poorly made.All font use must be in harmony with the terms of the site. All fonts presented in a final file must by reduced to shapes and not embedded. You should not give a font to a client if it is not Freeware. It is best to link the client to the source fonts if they request you give them.
Many times Designers have trouble seeing the difference between their designs and that of a fellow Designer. The following information has been discussed over a long time and is used by many to consider before they enter a design or start a Logocourt.According to dictionary sites, these are the basic definitions of the following words we use often here when discussing images:DESIGN COMPOSITION1. to plan the form and structure.2. to plan and fashion artistically or skillfully.3. to intend for a definite purpose.4. to plan and fashion the form and structure of an object, work of art, decorative scheme, etc.5. organization or structure of formal elements in a work of art; composition.6. the combination of details or features of a picture.Basic explanation: The appearance of the design. This includes how you draw the shapes and which fonts you may use and how you edit them.What you need to remember: If the brief explains an idea and the way you design your image is too similar to an earlier entry, DO NOT submit._______CONCEPT1. a general notion or idea; conception.2. an idea of something formed by mentally combining all its characteristics or particulars; a construct.3. a directly conceived or intuited object of thought.Basic explanation: The idea you form into a design.What you need to remember: If your idea is the same as an earlier entry (and the idea is not in the brief) you may NOT submit.________LAYOUT1. an arrangement or plan.2. a plan or sketch, as of an advertisement or a page of a newspaper or magazine, indicating the arrangement and relationship of the parts, as of type and artwork.Basic explanation: How you arrange the design on the work area. This can include how you arrange shapes and the placement of fonts in relation to the shapes.________As you can see, layout and design are linked but different. We have discussed in the past that some basic LAYOUTS are too common to bring to Logocourt. Basic examples might include: 1. title on top of tagline - icon left.2. title on top of tagline - icon top.3. title on top of tagline.4. icon left | vertical line separator | text (basic stacked or not)5. some common and obvious fonts, depending on the business type (only if the font is unedited) - especially if examples are given.It would be a courtesy to PM a designer if you plan to use a similar / same font if the client notes a preference. Give your fellow Designer respect._______One way to help you evaluate if your overall image might be 'not significantly different' would be if you reduced your colors to black and white and compared the other logos. If it looks the same, don't submit.
Many times Designers have trouble seeing the difference between their designs and that of a fellow Designer. The following information has been discussed over a long time and is used by many to consider before they enter a design or start a Logo Court.DESIGN means: The methods you use to form a idea into a visual structure.CONCEPT means: An idea you form into a design.OBVIOUS means: When looking at the brief, some concepts or ideas are clear to a skilled designer.1) Look at the brief, references and key words.2) Certain ideas or design methods may seem more necessary or preferred. 3) Perform an image search with key words and the word "logo". That will often produce multiple logos with similar basic concepts or design methods. For most contests, such would not be protected on a basic level. If you and another Designer disagree on such an issue, you can use the Resolutions Forum and Logo Court to resolve the dispute.Note: Obvious concepts may be used at any time during a contest. Sometimes, certain design methods may be considered obvious, usually depending on information contained in the brief. Please use such design methods only after consulting with Admin. ___A Basic Example Scenario:Company Name: Blue Bear AccountingObvious concepts might include: a blue bear, accounting graphs, arrow swooshes, basic money symbols.Protected concepts might include: combination of a blue bear standing erect in front of an accounting graph, a blue bear walking in front of "BBA".
Both you and other Designers can reasonably protect your work on can use the Logo Court function to do that if you feel your designs are being copied.Before you contact another Designer to request removal or use the Logo Court function, please consider the following carefully.Is the original brief mentioning your concept or imply it as obvious?Were the submissions produced during the Blind phase without obvious guidance from the contest holder?Are few logo styles requested making it obvious to do a certain basic concept or design method?Is recent new PUBLIC feedback or brief edits originating first from the client allowing all Designers to use a concept or design method?Is recent PRIVATE feedback originating first from the client in your private comment area asking you to do a specific concept or design method?If any or all of the above are true, you may NOT ask another Designer to remove a submission. You can use the private Resolutions forum to express your thoughts and get opinions from the community.Please review the FAQ regarding the Violation Point system on the site.We know it is your determination to diligently comply with the rules of the site and avoid major issues during your time with; we thank you in advance for your professional behavior.
A Designer becomes a candidate for a ban if their Violation Points (VPs) exceed 150 points. Designer's actions may also result in being banned.  The facts of each individual case are carefully reviewed before we make a ban decision. Designers may receive VPs or be banned for (but not excluded to) the following reasons:disrespecting Clients or fellow Designers in an unacceptable mannersubmitting designs that are too similar to other Designers (eg. copying lead Designers in a contest)using clipart or internet imagery not owned by you (free or not free)using copyrighted stock art (this includes assembling designs from multiple sources into one design)copying an existing logo from LogoTournament, other existing company, or any other sources on the internetabusive behaviorcreating multiple accountsmaking special deals with clients that bend or break the Rules or contradict Logo Court resultspromising to provide free files or work to clients to win a contestNote: If you are banned and later somehow win a contest, we will evaluate the winning logo against your violations and reason(s) for being banned. We may warn the client of possible issues related to using your winning design. If the client wishes to proceed, we will request EPS and JPG files from you and upload in your behalf and ensure you are paid according to policy.
Contests have 4 phases - please note your abilities and what the client can do:Blind Open PhaseClient: Provides feedback, ranks and eliminates designs and and makes any updates to the brief.Designers: You can submit any designs and revisions you want following the rules of the site. You cannot see fellow designers' entries. You will see an eye icon next to your designs submitted in this phase.Wide Open PhaseClient: Provides feedback, ranks and eliminates designs and and makes any updates to the brief.Designers: You can submit any designs and revisions you want following the rules of the site. You can see fellow designers' entries. If you see an eye icon next to another design you must not copy it or obey a client request to copy.Finalists PhaseClient: Arranges designers in to a 'shortlist of preferred designers. Provides feedback, ranks and eliminates designs and and makes any updates to the brief.Designers: You can submit any designs and revisions you want following the rules of the site. Selection PhaseClient: Eliminates most designs and works with the #1 Designer to get any final revisions. The client may shuffle ranking to get some final revisions from other Designers.Designers: If you are #1, you can submit any designs and revisions you want following the rules of the site. Wrap-Up PhaseClient: Selects the winner in Selection phase and then waits for winning Designer to upload within 2 days. The client will then download the files and evaluate them. Following that, the winning files will be approved and payment made following site policies.Designers: The winning Designer uploads the winning EPS and JPG. Any special requests made by the client for extra files that are within the site's policies can be sent via email to the client. On client approval, payment will be made following site policies.
Passwords:All passwords are encrypted so your information is safe. We encourage safe management of your account and use of passwords that are different from those you use on other sites. Administrative Warnings:Sometimes a contest may be flagged showing that Administrators are looking at the contest. Such contests will not be able to close until the current issue with the Designer or Client account is resolved. Designers can upload files for closed contests but the Client will not be able to access the files and approve payment.Reasons for flags:Payment Security Issues Potential Logocourt IssuesQuestionable Designer or Client ActivityIf your contest has such flags, please contact Support and link to your contest. We can explain the reason and help you resolve the reason for your flag.
If clients are unhappy with the results of their contest, they can request a refund.There are three scenarios:1)  If the contest did not receive at least 30 unique entries, then they will be entitled to a full refund.  2)  If the contest received at least 30 unique entries, then they are entitled to a refund less $75 which will be sent as a participation payment to the first placed designer.  3) Suspicious contests may be flagged and refunded at any time. In such situations, a full refund is given to the source of does not retain any fees in any such scenario.  
Allowed: TM, SM Not Allowed: ®  Here is why: Use of the ® symbol prior to registering your new logo may be considered illegal by many government agencies. will remove any entries that contain the ® mark to avoid any potential problems for all parties to the contest.   We appreciate your understanding. For further information please visit:
Sometimes, despite all the work designers do, a refund will occur. How do refunds work?Full RefundsFull refunds are provided to Clients if their contest does not get 30 unique designs. This can mean a contest may have 60 or more designs. Site Admin staff may use a certain amount of discretion to determine if the 30 unique design limit has been reached.Some things that will determine uniqueness of the submissions:Designer submissions sufficiently follow the brief (ie. they are not simply a thoughtless design flood in hopes to get chosen)Designer submissions are of sufficient quality; some newer, untested designers may submit poorly-made entries; such designs may be excluded from the totalRevision submissions are requested or the request is implied by Client comments; however certain things like simple color changes may not be counted in the totalPartial Refund with a Participation PaymentPartial refunds result in a refund of the prize with a $75 USD Participation Payment being paid to the Designer that is most preferred by the Client. This payment is made directly to the Designer and LogoTournament does not profit in any way from it. Usually the payment goes to the current #1 ranked Designer but the Client may direct Admin to pay another Designer. Admin will update the contest and explain who got the payment.LogoTournament strives to be fair both to Client and Designers in this regard. Sometimes Admin will advocate in behalf of Designers to help Clients see the value they received despite not choosing a logo. Most Clients understand and see the benefits of this arrangement.Admin will update the contest when a refund occurs with a brief explanation. 

Designer Code of Conduct

What LogoTournament strives to give Designers Great logo design contest prizes Fairness and the highest possible respect for intellectual property Recognition and promotion Professional, friendly community Designer Standards Respect all community members, but most importantly treat Contest Holders like they are your own customers standing face to face with you in the same room. The customers is not always right, and probably doesn't know as much about logo design as you do, but the customer is ALWAYS the customer. Do not publicly criticize Contest Holder decisions or attempt to influence them through anything other than your designs. This includes disrespecting the designs or skills or posting negative comments about fellow community members anywhere in the contest area. Making clients aware of general design issues is acceptable without specifically mentioning any other entries. Example: Logos with a heavy amount of graphic effects might be more difficult in print applications. If you have an issue with an individual, contact them politely through the private message (PM) feature FIRST. Do this before posting anything in the Forums. Private arrangements with CHs are unacceptable. (Example: offering free services if they select your logo) It is fine for a winning Designer to offer additional services outside of this site such as letterhead, business card design, etc. Do not post messages in the Contest discussion area regarding any entries, yours or others'. Do not post designs submitted to 'Private' contests on a public network. Please respect the privacy of the client. Submission Requirements Basic rule: If you did not make it from your brain or a reference you own - DO NOT post the design. DESIGNS and CONCEPTS must be significantly different from designs already submitted. VECTOR ONLY - No Photoshop; use Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw etc. (Final artwork submitted in EPS with fonts converted to outlines) NO CLIPART - this includes images, silhouettes and other imagery from sites like SHUTTERSTOCK and images packaged in ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR, COREL DRAW etc. (even if you have purchased a user license) NO 'FONTS' (DINGBATS) that have complex images of animals, things, or swirl accent shapes, silhouettes etc. NO HAND TRACING OR AUTO-TRACING OF INTERNET CONTENT OR PHOTOGRAPHY Exceptions: 1) You own FULL copyrights to the image and have not used it before and agree to not use it again 2) The Client owns FULL copyrights to the image. IMAGE DIMENSIONS - 350x280 px or (width/height ratio of 1.25:1) in JPG, PNG, or GIF format.  ONE CONCEPT PER SUBMISSION - Example: if you want to show a logo in red, blue, and yellow, create and upload 3 separate files. NO WATERMARKS - your design firm or other. IMAGE CENTERED - horizontally and vertically with sufficient spacing all around. NO BORDERS - we are building a clean and consistent community portfolio. BACKGROUNDS - White, Black, or Solid is best. Elaborate backgrounds (ie grunge, painted etc.) are allowed but not recommended. Do not show designs on buildings, vehicles etc. Moderators may remove designs that look unprofessional. Submit ONE design per site. If you are selling or submitting your unsold logo on another site, you must remove it on that site if you plan to submit to a contest. Submitting very similar designs to multiple contests on is not allowed. LogoTournament Support may remove entries without notice for violating the submission requirements.
Violation points or VPs are assigned to a designer's account when the code of conduct has been broken.  They can be assigned from losing a Logo Court case, or manually assigned by a LogoTournament administrator.  If you accumulate over 150 violation points, administrators will be disabling your account unless there are unusual circumstances. We are also reserve the right to disable any account that loses an exact logo, stock art, or trace case. All violation points will expire after 6 months, with the exception of 50 point violations which expire after one year.   Violation points are assigned as follows:If you lose a logo court the following violation points will be assigned:Stock Art:  50 VPTrace:  50 VPSimilar to an existing logo (within a contest): 25 VPSimilar to an existing logo: 50 VPIf you are accused in logo court and withdraw your entry the following violation points will be assigned:Similar to an existing logo: 10 VPSimilar to an existing logo (within a contest): 10 VPFormatting Rules Violation: 0 VPIf you initiate a logo court and lose the following violation points will be assigned:Similar to an existing logo (within a contest) 10 VPIf one of your comments in a contest is removed the following violation points will be assigned:Not respecting or valuing the contest holder: 20 VPUnprofessional Comment: 5 VPPromotion of Designs: 1 VPGeneral Violation: 1 VPIf you lose a logo court caused by formatting rules violation the following violation points will be assigned:Multiple logos in an entry: 1 VPWatermark: 1 VPOversized or not Centered: 1 VPBorder: 1 VPUnapproved Background: 1 VP
Before you start, please read the FAQ "Protecting Your Designs."If a Designer submits an image that contains elements that are an obvious or potential violation of the copyrights of another company or violates the terms of the site, a Logo Court may be started to remove such designs so as to protect you and the community.Logo Court is also a Designer resolution system that aims to resolve Designer disputes through a community vote. Only qualified and experienced Designers are able to vote in these cases based on their level of points that they have achieved.  This ensures that decisions are correct and fair.Please consider carefully before you create a Logo Court. A poor explanation can result in you losing your request.IF YOU FEEL YOUR CONCEPT OR DESIGN IS COPIEDIf you feel your idea or design method is being copied, please contact the Designer via private message. You can also start a thread in the Designer Resolution forum. Do not use names of Designers in the thread title. Be respectful. Provide clear language describing your concern and provide facts with links. Using the forum can avoid unneeded Logocourts and help you see perspectives you may have overlooked. The comments from others can also help you see if your thoughts have merit.IF YOU ARE CONTACTED TO REMOVE YOUR DESIGNPlease respond professionally. Do not post comments about the Designer in the contest area, your private area or by private message for the Client to see. If you cannot resolve the matter between you and the Designer, a Logo Court may be launched.IF YOU ARE IN A LOGO COURTIf you are in a Logo Court, do not post anything to the client saying you disagree with the other Designer or post anything (especially the username of the Designer)  that is designed to gain sympathy for your concern. This includes comments about yourself or others. Posting to gain sympathy can put admin in very bad situation and result in a bad situation for the community and the site. Your account may be banned if you attempt to force admin into a bad situation.You can tell the Client that you are in a Logo Court dispute because a fellow Designer has concerns about your design. You can tell them to contact Support with any questions.The Designer Code of Conduct helps you know reasons why a design can be removed.IF YOU LOSE A LOGO COURT DECISIONIf a Designer loses a case, the offending design(s) will be removed and no longer available or all their entries will be removed and they will no longer be able to participate in that particular contest. If you lose a Logo Court for one design and you have other designs that are similar, you are obligated to remove the other designs not yet brought to Logo Court.Do not post comments to get sympathy from the client - be professional. If you have a problem, contact Support. If the client asks what is happening, please ask them to contact Support.If you lose a Logo Court you may be banned from the site depending on the type of issue.Upon request our Administrators will review cases that you or contest holders feel are unfair.
Before you start, please read the FAQ "Protecting Your Designs."Many designers lose cases because they incorrectly explain their concern.In order to get the best result and help the community or Admin make the best judgement, please consider the following points when making a Logo Court:Is the design truly similar?What exactly is too similar? Explain in clear language.Are you defending a concept / idea?Are you defending a method of design?Are you defending both? (there is a distinct difference between "concept" and "design").Are you defending font(s)? Common fonts for certain kinds of companies are not protected unless there is editing of the fonts in some unique manner.Were you ranked high or #1 and feel the designer copied your design (follow the leader)? Was there a significant change in the direction of the offending designer?Are you defending layout? Common layouts are rarely supported as unique.Are you defending color? Colors are rarely supported as unique.Have you reviewed the brief to ensure no comments from the brief indicate a client's preference?Is your own concept or design "obvious"? Have you used a search engine to type key words along with "logo" to see if common logos are displayed? If they are displayed, then your concept or design idea may not be supported.Fellow designers will want to know your clear answers to these questions in order to make the best decision.
Designer EntriesDesigners own all rights to their contest entries on this site, and can withdraw them at anytime unless they have won and contest and been paid for it.Copyright ownership is only transferred to the Contest Holder when the contest has been paid for.Designers are responsible for making sure their entries are significantly different from existing entries in a contest.Any concept or idea mentioned in the contest Brief is fair game for all Designers. The exception is if the contest holder has updated the brief based on an individual Designer's concept, which is against the Client Code of Conduct.Obvious concepts are considered fair game for all Designers, examples might include: a dog & cat for a pet hospital, shopping bag for an e-commerce company, a tooth for a dentist, initials for a lawyer, etc.Suspected Copyright InfringementIf you suspect your work has been clearly plagiarized please send the offending designer a private message to deal with the issue directly. Alternately, you could post a message in the Designer Resolutions forum to get some opinions from other designers. For most of you we do not have to mention this, but please be polite. LogoTournament Designers are very friendly, and we want to keep it this way! Understand that similarities can be unintentional.If you do not receive a response within 1 business day, or you are unable to reach an agreement with the designer, then you have the option of filing a case through Logo Court which qualified designers will vote on.
Clients who create such contests rightly want their proprietary information hidden.Please understand that divulging private information from a Private contest could lead to serious legal consequences for you or your business by Clients.If you view the contest you agree to not disclose private data made available by the client in the contest for any purpose.Any contests that are marked Private will hide ALL entries. Clients may pay for the Private upgrade at contest start or later. If you wish to use your winning image from a Private contest for your off-site portfolio you must ask permission from the client. If you are allowed, ensure you do not show that the design was made via the Logotournament contest format. All other images submitted in Private contests may not be displayed off the LogoTournament site unless information related to the contest is removed. This may include the name of the contest / business, the client's name, or other private information from the brief. 
Please stick to the following guidelines for contacting clients to keep the site fair for all. Guidelines are explained in question and answer format.Can I respond if a client sends me a private message (PM) or feedback?Yes. Can I give the client my email or private contact data or send emails during a contest?No. If you are asked to do that and have questions, please contact Support.Can I contact clients after a contest is complete to exchange data or send files?Yes. Can I offer free services during a contest? No.Can I quote prices for logos or other work during a contest? Please No. Keep your competition fair during the contest. You may share such information after the contest. is not specifically against Clients using or inviting Designers they have worked with on a regular basis to make an account. However, we have found that doing so can can have as serious negative impact on your contest should the community find out.Such practices are generally viewed as creating an unfair and negative competitive environment and many Designers refrain from entering such contests. If Designers and Clients are found to be colluding to unfairly circumvent site policies, such accounts may be disabled without notice.Designers who may sign up are subject to vigorous and extended review by administrators and the community as well as being limited in various ways. Generally, it will be a long time before an average account attains full status on the site. Therefore, it is generally not in the best interests of a Client to invite outside help.
When a Client Wants Non-Winning DesignsIf the Client likes more than one design by different Designers and wishes to buy the extras separately, he/she will need to choose the winner as usual but contact the other Designer(s) via private message and work out a deal for the cost of purchasing the other designs. The payment method and amount is arranged between you and the Client.Those designs may be arranged to be sent privately via email and payment submitted as agreed by you and the Client.When A Client Wants to Combine Unique ElementsIf the Client wants two designs from the contest combined into one logo, he/she will need to contact each Designer and ask if Designers are willing to accept an arrangement to do that. If they are willing, those Designers are responsible apart from to agree on an acceptable split and inform you of their agreement accordingly. In such cases, most Clients choose to increase the prize to adjust for the split. One Designer will be responsible for combining the elements into one design before the contest ends. Thereafter, the Designers involved will arrange private payment between them. does not get involved with payment arrangements outside normal site policies.If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Support.
Ideally, one Designer should win a contest. Sometimes, situations happen where Designers might work together to create a winning entry. In such cases, one Designer will need to be designated the winner and receive the prize. The two designers will share the prize as they have agreed in private. Payment information will need to be provided between Designers. Please inform Support about the agreement.  Designers who balk at fulfilling an agreement will be banned. Anyone who tries to game the site by habitually trying to force people into splitting prizes may have their account banned.
Be nice.Use evidence when possible.Please keep the discussion related to LogoTournament, logos, and general topics related to the graphic design industry.  (No politics, controversial topics, etc.)

Designer Ranking & Community

Designers can receive the following badges in contests:Gold - 1st placeSilver - 2nd placeBronze - 3rd placeFinalist - 4th to 10th place.The ranking system orders by:  Golds, Silvers, Bronze, and Finalists.  Golds are the initial sorting criteria, with silvers, bronzes, and finalists being the tie breakers.  (Similar the the Olympic system)
Site rankings, trophies, and wreaths are updated once every 24 hours.If you feel you have the incorrect number of trophies or wreaths please contact Support.Any contests that are marked Private (on contest start up or later) will hide ALL entries. If you wish to use your winning image from a Private contest for your off-site portfolio, you must ask permission from the client. All other images submitted in Private contests may not be displayed off the LogoTournament site unless information related to the contest is removed. This may include the name of the contest / business, the client's name, or other private information from the brief.
Community Contribution is points system that recognizes the efforts of designers' to make a LogoTournament a great place to be.ActivityPointsVoting for a New Designer2Voting in a Logo Court Case2Reporting a comment that an admin agrees with and removes20Starting & Winning any of the following Logo Court cases:Similar Logo25Similar Logo (EXACT)250Stock Art100Stock Art (EXACT)250Trace100Trace (EXACT)200Recycle50Recycle (EXACT)100There is more than one logo in the entry20The logo has a watermark20The logo is oversized or is not neatly centered20The logo has a border20The logo is on an unapproved background such a vehicle or building20

Managing Your Account

It happens.  Lost password recovery page.To change you password, you can look in your account area and make the necessary changes. A link will be sent to you that you will need to confirm.
You can change your Paypal or contact email by going to your designer area and clicking on the "My Account" link.This will allow you to access your current email and change it.A link will be sent to you that you must approve.Paypal email changes are automatically informed to Admin and your account payments are temporarily locked for a period of time after the change.
We usually do not allow name changes as it is important for LogoTournament staff & designers to get to know you.  This is difficult if we have everyone changing their names constantly.If you email support with a valid reason for changing your user name we may agree to the change. However, your old account information may be kept for security purposes.
Please visit your public profile page, and look for the Update Avatar section.
The Designer portfolio is the area some of your account information is held and displayed. You may edit it as you please. We ask that you do not display your private email, similar data and internet media direct contact information. However, you may link to your own private website if you own one.Your winning designs will be shown to clients in this area. Designs from Private contests will be hidden but you will be able to see them in your private area.
The site will send out various notifications to Designer accounts at certain intervals.Such notifications may include:Private MessagesUpdates regarding contestsYour account area will indicate of you can select the option to receive certain notifications. 

Files & Formats

You must design in a vector program such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw, and when you win your final files must be submitted in a true vector format EPS. Photoshop saved to EPS is not acceptable.To submit an entry to a contest we accept JPG, GIF, or PNG.
Upon winning a contest you are required to upload the following:EPS with fully editable vectors (Adobe CS3 or earlier)JPG at 1000 X 800 pixelsNote: if you made your logo in Corel Draw and save as EPS, please also send the CDR to the client by email.The client has 2 weeks after the winner is chosen to request file types and variations of the original design as stated: Color (PNG for web)Black and white (JPG)Solid color (JPG)High Resolution color (JPG)As a courtesy we ask that you do your best to reasonably accommodate client requests for different file formats. Any files outside the ones requested at upload are to be delivered between you and the client by email. You can rightly request fair payment for any extra file preparation or versions you produce for the client.
Sometimes you will see a note to contact Admin. This means there is a caution flag on the contest that must be reviewed by Admin.Usually there is no reason to be concerned but we must ensure the contest is without risk.Please send an email to Support to inquire including the link to the won contest.
If your files are created in a vector program that cannot accurately save to EPS in a form that can be used between Adobe Illustrator or common programs such as Corel Draw, LogoTournament staff may need to edit the file to make it acceptable. Any time to make such edits may be charged to you and a portion of your payment withheld.
Clients may ask for secondary, non-winning designs.If so, you can offer to sell them at a fair price. You work out payment and contract between you.Or you may wish to offer a minor variation such as color or minor shape edit. If so, you may wish to charge only a "file preparation" fee instead of charging full price for a logo.


All prizes are pre-paid through Paypal -  no other payment methods are used. Designers must have access to a valid Paypal account in good standing to receive funds. Please choose one Paypal address to receive funds.Please upload the final files, then wait for the Client to approve them through our system. This is a good time to follow up with the client to see if you can offer any revisions. Once the Client approves the files, you will receive the payment depending on your history with LogoTournament. 7 Days From End of ContestA Client has 7 days from the time you upload to approve the files. If the Client delays past 7 days, you may contact Support to approve the files.Your Payments AreaWhen a Client approves your funds, you can go to your account area and click the 'Payments' link to see your funds that are available.If your 'Payments' area does not show funds available, please click the 'Won' link in your Designer panel. The site may show a message that explains when your funds will be released. If no message is displayed, please contact Support using the link provided; some accounts may have a manual admin payment hold.Your payment release time may be set for after admin goes offline, so some payments may not be approved until the next business day. Held payments may not be released on weekends.Payment HoldsFor security purposes designers with 0-5 wins will have their payment held for two weeks, designers with 6-10 wins will have their payment held for 1 week, and designers with 11 or more wins will be paid according to the normal way. We look at pending payments daily and approve as required. Presently, Support is working on a business day starting Canada EST (GMT - 4:00). Therefore, we are often up to a full day behind many Designers. We ask you please avoid sending multiple emails to Support requesting payment. If your payment approval date falls on a weekend, we will approve the funds on Monday.
Payment hold policy is based on Designer wins as follows:0-5 wins   - 2 weeks6-10 wins - 1 week11+ wins - immediate paymentThe payment hold period begins when the Client approves the file.  Payments will automatically release and the exact date can be found in your Contests and Payments panel.As you build your reputation on the site, our level of trust in you will increase and payment will occur sooner.  We have found that delaying payments for newer designers allows us to catch any potential problems before funds have been transferred.  If your account is flagged for site violations, Admin may place payment holds up to 2 weeks to ensure that any potential problems are avoided.If you know you have a payment pending (such as a Participation Payment), please wait the amount of time mentioned above; when that passes, you may contact Support. Banned or frozen accounts that have pending payments may be paid on the 2 week payment schedule.
If you are in a contest that has 30 or more designs and the client refunds, a $75 participation payment may be sent to you if you are the current #1 designer. In certain circumstances LogoTournament admin may override normal procedure and award the payment to another Designer.The $75 payment will show in your funds available in your Payments area.If your "Payments" area does not show funds available your account may have a payment hold; please contact Support using the link provided.No copyrights are exchanged for this bonus payment.
We look at pending payments daily and approve as required. Presently, Support is working on a business day starting Canada EST (GMT - 4:00). Therefore, we are often up to a full day behind many Designers. We ask you please avoid sending multiple emails to Support requesting payment. If your payment approval date falls on a weekend, we will approve the funds on Monday.Contests that pass 7 days beyond the final Judging Phase period will be flagged by admin to follow up with the Client. If the Client does not respond a contest winner may be chosen by admin (usually the current #1 rank) as per site terms or the community will vote on a winner. The winner must upload the chosen design as usual and rights to the design are transferred to the client whether it will be used or not. Designs chosen by admin approval may not be used in a public portfolio - such contests may be manually set to Private.If a Designer uploads the final file but the Client does not "Approve", please wait 7 days from upload and request Admin approve in behalf of the Client.
You may be restricted from manually editing certain data on your account, such as your Paypal email. This limitation is in effect to prevent unauthorized changes and enhance overall site security.If you are prevented from changing information, please send an email to Support and explain the reason for your change.There may be a temporary hold place on all payments to your account to prevent unauthorized payments.Please note that changing your payment information could cause regulatory authorities to hold payments without your consent.
Some contests will have a red flag assigned due to possible problems with the contest. Normally, no problem exists but we want to keep the site secure. If your contest shows the message "This contest is currently being reviewed by Administrators" please contact Support. Designers may upload their files despite the flag but clients will not be able to download or approve the files without Admin approval. Please be aware that if a flagged contest is deemed fraud due to existing evidence, no payment will be released. 
If you experience a problem downloading your funds, or you select payment and do not receive payment soon after, please contact Support and clearly explain the problem.
There are a few reasons why you might experience delays to get paid:The client has not yet clicked the Approval button - if you are unsure, please contact Support. The Client has 7 days to do that after the winner is chosen. Do not contact Support before 7 days.Check your address information as registered with Paypal. Payment can only be sent to regions / countries that are on Paypal's list of accepted areas. The contest has an "Administrator Hold". There will be a message if that is true - contact SupportYour account has a special "Hold Payment" flag. If your payment is not showing, contact SupportYou have not downloaded your payment from the Payments Tab in your account.You are a newer Designers and are subject to the payment delay for new Designers.You are banned and cannot access your account.If you are unsure, please inquire at Support. Please always provide a link to the contest you are asking about.
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