Paying For Your Contest

All contests are paid in USD and can be paid for by Mastercard or Visa and Paypal Express. All contests are prepaid.

The day and time you pay for your contest is the day and time it will start. 

Once your contest starts, the contest portion and other phases are sequential - weekends are included. 

Example: You pay for your contest on the 1st; the Open phase ends on the 5th, Top 5 on the 7th, Judging on the 14th.

In rare circumstances your payment attempt may show a processor decline. In such cases you can try the following:

  • wait 15-20 minutes and attempt the transaction again.
  • call your credit card to inquire regarding the reason for the decline, there may be a specific prohibition that is disallowing the transaction.
  • email Support and we can attempt a manual transaction.

Regarding processor declines, we have noted the following as normal reasons for a decline:

1) Payment info incorrectly entered
2) Credit card company / bank has an internal flag on certain online sellers as a recipient
3) Certain types of cards have had trouble - eg. some debit style cards, some business cards
4) You are not using Mastercard or Visa