Client Responsibilities

What LogoTournament strives to give to Clients:
  • The end result that matters most: the logo that you really want.
  • Many high quality, unique logo concepts
  • A Logo questionnaire that will communicate the most valuable information to the Designers even if you are not familiar with branding concepts.
  • An efficient, uncomplicated selection system that makes it easy to organize the submissions to your contest
  • Industry standard vector file formats so your logo can be used across many applications for a very long time

How to get the most out of your Logo contest
  • Fill out the logo questionnaire as completely as you can.
  • Set your contests prize amount to the highest your budget can afford. Higher prizes lead to more numerous and higher quality entries.
  • Rank your entries daily. This will ensure the Designers know your preferences, and how you feel about their designs.
  • Provide feedback to every entry, if possible, even if it is only one line. Designers can't give you what you want, if they don't know what you like.
  • The more feedback and ranking updates you provide, the better results you are going to see.
  • Minimize the selection committee to the most key people (no more than 2-3).
  • Select a winner within 7 business days to ensure you can receive revision requests as soon as possible.

What is required of LogoTournament clients:
We require that you do not ask one Designer to use elements or concepts from another Designer. The general rule is that, if a Designer was the first to submit the idea, they essentially own that concept or idea for the remainder of the contest. Requests or ideas you already have put in your contest Brief are fair game and open to everyone. Comments and requests that you post later that are your own original ideas are acceptable for Designers to use.  Concepts that are considered obvious will also be fair game, for example: a dog & cat for a pet hospital, shopping bag for an e-commerce company, a tooth for a dentist, initials for a lawyer, etc.

Sharing personal data during a contest. Please do not share personal data with Designers until you have chosen your winner. This allows an even playing field for all Designers and removes the potential for deals that violate site terms. Please do use the private message feature to contact Designers with questions and comments if you prefer. 

We require you to select a winner within 7 days of the contest ending. Most clients have a very good idea of who the winner is before the contest ends, so in most cases, the selection deadline is trivial. We allow one time, 3 day extension of the contest if you need more time or additional entries from the community. If a winner has not been selected within 2 weeks of the contest ending, we will do a final follow-up by email. If there is no response, LogoTournament Support will select a winner and distribute the prize based on existing ranking, existing Client comments and/or community feedback. This policy is rarely initiated but is in place to maintain a high level of Designer confidence and participation in our community. Thank you for understanding this policy.