Guarantee – What Happens If I Don't Like a Design?

In the rare event that your contest doesn't work out, you can request a refund or extension as you prefer.

If you did not receive at least 30 unique entries, you will receive a 100% refund.

If you received more than 30 unique entries, you will receive your payment back less a $75 USD Participation fee that goes directly to the designer.

Some things that will determine uniqueness of the submissions:

  • Designer submissions sufficiently follow the brief (ie. they are not simply a thoughtless design flood in hopes to get chosen)
  • Designer submissions are of sufficient quality; some newer, untested designers may submit poorly-made entries; such designs may be excluded from the total
  • Revision submissions are requested or the request is implied by Client comments; however certain things like simple color changes may not be counted in the total

The participation fee will be paid to the current #1 ranked Designer or, any Designer you direct. This policy is put in place to minimize your chance of being unsatisfied, but to also build a high level of confidence in your logo contest which will attract the highest quality designers. 

According to statistics, your contest has over a 98% chance of being successful.

Note: Unique designs are assessed by looking at the number of separate entries that do not look very similar submitted to your contest, plus any revisions that you may request. For example, if you request revisions of a design or imply that multiple revisions are needed, they may may be counted among the total of unique designs.