What does it cost?

All payment is made prior to starting the contest. Special Upgrades or prize increases can be made prior to starting the contest or during the contest. If you want your contest hidden you must select the Private feature prior to starting your contest.

Prize Packages:

Starter $275 - On a budget? Expect about 50 designs.
Regular $475 - Expect about 50-100 designs, and higher quality designers.
Plus+ $675 - Expect 100+ designs and top quality designers.
Epic   $875 - Expect 100+ designs from the best designers.

If you are hosting a Character logo please consider the Regular tier as a minimum starting point.


Private: $50 
Hide your contest information from Google and third party sites prior to starting the contest. Only you and designers can see your contest.

Featured: $50 
Featured contests are placed at the top of the contest list, and and an immediate email is sent to designers who have selected alerts in their account settings.

US Dollars

All contests are in US Dollars. 

PLEASE NOTE: LogoTournament.com is a Canada-based company. A small portion of US based credit card issuers will charge their clients a small international transaction fee which is independent of LogoTournament.com. 

We disagree with this type of charge but have no control over such transactions. Please contact your financial institution if you are charged this fee.