Files You Will Receive - EPS & JPG

Files you get from the winner:

1 X EPS - Industry-standard vector file
1 X JPG - 1000 X 800 pixels
1 X JPG - 500 X 400 pixels
1 X JPG - 350 X 280 pixels

We have decided to use EPS as our preferred format because it is industry standard. There are also free EPS viewers available on the internet - most EPS viewers convert the file to a pixel rendition so there may be visual anomalies. If you need we can verify a file for you.

The EPS vector file (industry standard) is reduced to curves. This means that your file does not have embedded text that can be edited - it is reduced to a shape. 

The EPS vector file is the file most printers or designers will need to create any secondary products for you.  The two most common forms of vector files are EPS and AI

If you need your EPS layered, you should inform Designers of that requirement from the beginning.

Additional files you can request as part of the contest:

1 X color PNG (transparent background or not)
1 X black and white JPG
1 X solid color JPG 
1 X high resolution color JPG
1 X AI  (Adobe Illustrator vector file)

The above additional formats can be requested directly from the winning Designer via PM or email within 2 weeks of the contest ending. 

Multiple variations of color and formats may not be requested for free but you may switch file types if you do not require the above. Please be specific. Any other provision of variations and file types will need to be worked out with the Designer at his or her normal rates.

Note: Designers are only obligated to give you the winning design and the above variations. Clients may not request additional free services as a requirement for choosing a Designer as the winner. Any other arrangements may be concluded after the contest is over and the winner approved.

The following file types are NOT included as part of the contest: 

They can be requested (extra preparation charges by the winner may apply). To contact a Designer, send a PM  (private message)

PSD - This is a Photoshop raster file made from pixels. You will need to specify the DPI and whether layered is required. They are usually high resolution 300 DPI for printing.

AI - vector file made in Adobe Illustrator. Opens only with specific programs such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.

PDF - Adobe Illustrator vector file. Opens in Adobe Reader, Acrobat  or design programs like and Illustrator or Corel Draw.

SVG - RGB vector file - colors only

CDR - Corel Draw vector file

Some information about Vector and Raster Files:

Vector Files (EPS, AI,  PDF, CDR, SVG) use mathematical calculations to form the dynamic shapes for your image and thus can be saved in multiple formats and sizes. Specialized programs are required to do that. (eg. Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw) Most designers have at least one of the required products to manipulate vector files.

Raster Files (JPG (or JPEG), PNG, GIF, PSD) are made up of pixels. Printers may ask for high resolution JPGs or transparent background PNG files for use in embroidery applications so you may need to get this from the winning Designer.