Not Liking Any Designs?

We have successfully completed tens of thousands of logo contests, and approximately 2% have resulted in refunds. Here's what to do if you aren't liking any designs by the end of your contest:

Please contact customer support & request an extension

Our experienced support team can troubleshoot your contest; it might be an issue with brief, communication with Designers, or other factors.  

If that doesn't work, then we can provide a refund.

If your contest does not receive at least 30 unique entries, you will be provided with a 100% Refund. Multiple entries that are minor variations do not count and withdrawn entries may not count. 

If your contest receives over 30 unique entries, we will also provide a full refund less a $75 participation fee which will be paid to the best ranked designer. This policy is put in place to minimize your chance of being unsatisfied, but to also build a high level of confidence in your logo contest which will attract the highest quality designers. 

*Note: 30 unique entries may include revisions you have requested or implied by your feedback.