Select Your Winner

To choose your winner:

1)  Visit your contest page - this can be done by logging in, and clicking on "My Contest" (upper right)

2) On your contest page, click the "Ranking" Tab. Ensure your top 3 designers ranked are all different Designers and a total of 10 designs are ranked.

3)  Click the "Select Winner" button to choose the winner.

4) The winner will upload files within 48 hours. Extra files not in the standard package, but approved by site policy, must be sent via email. Any file types or revisions / variations outside the site policy must be sent via email and the Designer may charge you a standard fee.


After the Design is Uploaded:

1) When you download and feel your design files are acceptable, please go to the "Files" Tab and click the "Approve Final Files" link.

You must click the "Approve" link for the winner to receive the prize funds.

2) If you do not approve within 7 days, Admin will do that for you.