Commenting & Feedback to Designers

Provide Feedback - Designers Notice

Your activity is tracked by the site and communicated to the Designers by way of a ‘battery’ icon with additional text information. It is common for Designers to shortlist a contest and wait before submitting. During the contest, all comments in Designer private submission areas are not visible to others. At the end of the contest, comments are visible for transparency. Comments in the contest page area are public to all.

You can access the commenting feature by clicking on a Designer's entry or going to the Ranking Tab.

How / Where?

Make sure you are logged in. You will see your name in the upper right corner. 

From the Contest Page:

Click: Rank Tab
Click: Magnifying Glass for any design entry
Click: Comment

You will receive emails letting you know you have new entries to rank. You can login, rank and comment the entries. During the contest, please do not post your private email or contact information in the contest area or private Designers areas. Use the Private Message feature after the contest to do so. 

You can use the private Designer area for comments to a specific Designer. You can click on a Designer's username to go to their private comment area for that contest. Or you can provide feedback to all by way of the comment area for the contest. You can also send a PM (private message) - see below. 

Note: All your comments (and responses) in a Designer's area become public to Designer accounts after the contest. This is designed to prevent improper activity on the site.

If you make an error, you can edit your comment for up to 5 minutes after it's posted.

Feedback - Why?

Designers thrive on feedback. Your dedication to detailed and frequent feedback will attract entries; elite Designers pay attention to the amount of quality feedback in a contest. Considering your brand will likely be permanent, the time is worth it. You also show respect to the people who are dedicating their time to your project. Designers are also very protective of their designs and may withdraw if you don’t give them assurance a design is under consideration.

No ranking or feedback (or delays) will result in your contest status being "Inactive" until you commence with feedback and ranking. Designers will usually ignore a consistently inactive contest.

Feedback - When?

Leave feedback regularly (daily is highly recommended). If you must be away for some reason please communicate this in the contest thread.

Good Things to Say

Be specific with your feedback - do not simply say, 'I like it - try some designs similar to this'. Explain why something is 'good,' 'great' or 'awesome'. You will encourage further creativity.

Wrong Things to Say

Nothing is the worst thing to say. Your contest will likely fail. 

Giving feedback such as ‘Your designs are [insert colorful word here] - I could do this myself’ is counterproductive and will ensure your contest fails. The Designers appreciate frank yet professional comments.

Please do not ask Designers to include elements from the designs of others. This includes unique font treatments, icons, shapes, and in some cases, layout of elements. Requesting similar colors is the only similar element a client may request.

Send a private message:

Click  the Designer image/username (for private comment area)
Click  the Designer image/username again (for public portfolio area)
Click  ‘Send Private Message’