Contest Phases – Overview

Your contest will consist of the following phases:

Blind Phase – 4 Days
This is the initial "audition" part of the contest where all designers will be able to submit their logos. Designers need time to develop their initial ideas. It is common to see most entries submitted on the last day or hours of this phase. Designers cannot see each others' designs.

Open Phase – Extended - up to 4 Days
This phase runs in the same manner as Blind phase. Designers can see all ranked designs that are not withdrawn.

Finalists Phase – 2 days
In this phase the field is narrowed to allow to work your five Finalists, which can be changed at anytime. 

You will be shown the Finalists in the Rank Tab.

Limiting submissions to the Finalists ensures more personalized attention and dedicated service. A Designer is much more likely to go the distance with you if they are only competing with four others instead of multiple competitors. Designers can see all ranked designs that are not withdrawn.

Selection Phase – 0 to 7 days
Once the contest has ended the Contest Holder will have 7 days to select the winning Designer in the Selection Phase. In this phase the #1 ranked designer can submit revisions to finalize the logo. Designers can see all ranked designs that are not withdrawn.

Completion / Wrap Up
When you have chosen your logo, the designer will upload the final files.  After you download the files, you can approve them so the designer can receive their payment.

Note: The day and time you pay for your contest is the day and time it will start. It will therefore end 4 days later for Open Phase, 6 days for Top 5 and 13 days later for Judging.

Once your contest starts, the contest portion and other phases are sequential - weekends are included. 

Example: You pay for your contest on the 1st; the Open phase ends on the 5th, Top 5 on the 7th, Judging on the 14th.