Upgrades – "Private" and "Featured"

Clients who create contests may not want their proprietary information available for all to see.

The Private upgrade will hide your contest from everyone except approved LogoTournament designers.  This hides your contest from search engines like Google and competitors with prying eyes.  The upgrade costs $50 USD.

Note: Making a contest private after it has started will hide it but snippets of code and private information may have been extracted by search engines or 3rd party sites. Unfortunately, such situations are beyond LogoTournament's control.

If winning Designers wish to use their winning image from a Private contest for an off-site portfolio, they must ask permission from the client. 

Images submitted in Private contests may not be displayed off the LogoTournament site unless information related to the contest is removed. This may include the name of the contest, the client's name, or other private information the brief. 

The Featured upgrade can increase entries by up to 100% by an exclusive email to thousands of designers and providing a listing that stands out.  The Featured upgrade costs $50 USD.