Your Brief – Top Three Things to Communicate

Top Three Things to Communicate

This section is a very helpful to designers if you use it correctly.

Here are "DO's" and "DO NOT's" to help you communicate your needs well.


  • use descriptive adjectives (buzz words) that cannot be translated into design well or should already be obvious about you - eg. clean, professional, success, experienced, good service.
Why? Designers know this already. They assume you want clean design unless you specifically state otherwise. Words such as "clean" are also subjective. A design that is very artistic and rough can still be "clean".


  • use verbs, or adjectives well - words that actually describe what your company does, how it does it, or describes its scope - eg. global delivery, solid construction, trustworthy service, farming cows, fast connection, aggressive. 
Why? You want everyone to think of a few things about you that they don't already think about you or someone else. For example, you already want them to think you are professional, courteous, etc. Those are not things to include in the "Top Three Things". Describe the things that should otherwise be obvious about your business.