Read Me First – Important Things You Need to Know

The following are topics explained in the Help section but are here for you to know what will may happen and what will happen:

  • Following this important site rule will avoid many issues, ensure fair play, and help your contest go smoothly – do not ask Designers to copy the concepts or design elements of fellow Designers. If your feedback results in copying another Designer's idea, we may suspend the contest until we can work out a fair solution. Designers are allowed to protect unique ideas and design methods based on your brief for a contest by way of the "Logo Court" function. If you have questions about a potential issue, please ask Support.
  • Designers expect and respond to quality feedback - avoiding feedback will likely kill your contest.
  • No ranking or feedback (or delays) will result in your contest status being "Inactive" until you commence with feedback and ranking. Designers will usually ignore a consistently inactive contest.
  • Your brief needs to be simple and clear - images and extra links are very helpful.
  • If you don't make your contest private using the available upgrade on sign up, it will be visible to the world and tagged by search engines.
  • You can contact the Designers privately using private messages - see the FAQ on that topic.
  • Designers cannot use stock art and designs you don't own 100% restriction-free right to in a logo.
  • Please don't send your private contact details during the contest. You can do so afterward.
  • You can request certain extra files after the contest - the Help section explains this in more detail.
  • You need to physically approve the final files after you download them - that sends payment to the winner.