Not Many Entries – Why?

Here are some questions some Clients have and our usual response:

Q: The first 24 hours from my contest's start are past; why don't I have many designs yet?

A: Most Designers look at a contest and think a bit. It is not unusual for a day or two to pass by with only a few entries. You can help the process by continuing to be responsive to designs that come in.

Q: My contest has few submissions! Other contests with similar prize have many more! Why?

A: There are many factors why contests have differing amounts of entries. Here are some factors:

  • Prize Versus Work: some Clients don't realize their brief requires more from Designers who budget their time based on amount of work, prize, and possibility of a win. If you asked for a Character but have a budget under $500 you can expect a low turnout
  • Lack of Clarity: some Clients do not provide enough information or visual reference cues for Designers to use for inspiration, or they provide too many details with excessive business jargon that is not easily understood
  • No Ranking: If a client does not rank designs, Designers will view that as lack of interest and they will usually avoid your contest
  • Lack of Interest: some Designers may simply not be interested or inspired by your contest
  • Timing: starting your contest at certain times of the day may not expose your contest to the most Designers
  • Client Personality: some Designers sit back and wait to see how Clients respond to Designers or otherwise comport themselves; Designers like working with nice, helpful people

As you can see, there are often many factors why your contest may not be working. Feel free to contact Support for an evaluation as to why your contest may not have many designs or Designers.