Are contests private?

Contest are open for public viewing and can be indexed by search engines.  

If you would like a private contest, it is recommended that you select the Private Upgrade ($50 USD) before launching your contest. Contests can be upgraded to private during or after the contest, although the contest might have been temporarily indexed by search engines.

Submitted Images 
All images submitted by Designers are private during the Blind portion of the contest, but can be viewed by all after the Blind portion of the contest is complete. Please do not request Designers to use ideas from fellow Designers.

Comments to Individual Designers
All comments between individual Designers and Clients are private during the the contest, but can be viewed by all after the contest is complete.

Brief Comments
The brief & associated comments can be seen publicly. 

Private Contests
Private contests are on secure servers and have a lock icon next to the title to identify the status. Information in private contests can only be viewed by you, our staff, and approved Designers.